Saturday 16 February 2019

Behind Pulwama Attack : Is China Involved ?

 The death of at least 40 paramilitary heroes is creating headlines on the international platform as thousands mourn over this emotional crisis that is backed by staunch patriotism.

 While most of us are talking about the widening void between Pakistan and India, we are less aware of the presence of a huge power nation that might have its fingers attached to the strings of this puppet show.

 Following the Pulwama Attack some days back,  many countries put forth their views on this unjust event. Suggestions to even isolate Pakistan echoed across the media.

 Even Russia's Vladimir Putin heavily condemned what he would consider this trauma as nothing less than a brutal crime by the Pakistan-backed Jaish-e-Mohammed in Jammu and Kashmir.

Putin's views came after the Russian Embassy announced their statement

 However, there was one nation that chose not to unseal her lips


 The United Nations declared the Jaish-e-Mohammed organisation led by Masood Azhar as a terrorist group. All countries agreed to the announcement of Masood as a terrorist, except China.

Despite condemning the Pulwama attack, China still holds on to this view.


 Balkanisation refers to the breakage of a nation considered hostile into fragments. The term was introduced when the Balkan Peninsula, previously ruled by the Ottoman Empire was divided into smaller states.

 China has been trying to break India into smaller parts so as to nil their regional power.

 China has always been trying to silently seep into India and destroy it from within. That is why it remains oblivion.  They are not in the big picture. Explosion has always been in the vocabulary of most in comparison to implosion.  This Pulwama Attack is the latest one - a dirty act by a terrorist group supported by China.

China in Tamizh massacre

 When United states ended their direct supply of military resources to Shri Lanka, China swapped roles.

Beijing even became Sri Lanka's largest donor upon supplying massive amounts of arms.

This was one reason why the Tamizh Tigers lost. China played its part in the butchering of innocent Tamizhs. But do we see it in the picture? While Tamizhs and Sinhalese netizens are busy exchanging hate comments , China is setting her bases in Shri Lanka.

Pakistan and China 

 Beijing even got Pakistan to be actively involved in Shri Lanka, despite Pakistan's not-so-good economic status long back. Pakistan increased its annual military assistance loans to Shri Lanka. Pakistan even supplied China arms and trained the Shri Lankan air force.

 China has been working strategically with many countries to gain access to oil and mineral resources.

 Ancient India and China shared a healthy bond for many centuries. However, the poles have turned on the contemporary. The imprint leftover from the Sino-Indian war is still persisting its aura.

My favourite RPG game of the SNES console - Chrono trigger.It's about Lavos-an ancient alien being that silently invades the planet to drain its resources and the role of our heroes to time travel and alter historical events to put an end to it.

 As we have no current access to time travel,we have no choice but to widen our eyes and identify our 'lavoid' shadows.


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