Wednesday 23 January 2019

This Simple Secret will Keep Your Furniture Ever Glossy !

Glossy household apparatus are indeed sightly

 Tired of having your abiotic buddies under your roof lose their shine over time ? 

 Is all that scrubbing futile ? 

Try This 

Yes , this secret potion actually works.Gently moisten a cloth with baby oil and try wiping your furniture with it.Your stained watertaps,door-knobs,tables and handrails may constrict your pupil like never before with their glare anew.

Locked your room forgetting a hairdo ? Baby oil shall open the mirror dimension within your doorknob.

It's actually that simple - instead of using your traditional detergent or water soaked cloth to clean stuff,replace em' with baby oil and you will see a huge difference.

 Many hotels and inns actually do this :) 
Works for wood-based material too.

Save the thanks.You can always invite me for coffee as a form of gratitude.

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