Sunday 2 September 2018

Types of Temple in Hinduism

Let's look at the four types of temples as per the Hindu culture.

(1) Yoga Vishnu.

 Such temples were generally constructed in the remote parts of forests and jungles,far from civilisation.Here,devotees and renunciants could worship the deity or meditate in their own space - without disturbances.

(2) Bhoga Murthi

 These temples are built within village central.Various avatars of God is worshiped through vigrahas ( idols energised with life force ).Generally,worship is done for welfare and good crops.

(3) Veera Murthi

 Temples for the fierce deities - commonly that of guardian deities or kaval deivam in Tamil.Their purpose is mainly to confer protection and to ward of evil 

(4) Kshudra Murthi

Also known as ' Abhicharikas'.These are the idols of certain evil forces.They indicate the impediments and are worshiped to overcome such problems.

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