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Mantrapushpam decoded - Secrets of 5 Elements From Vedas

                  Video : Mantrapushpam recitation

Mantra Pushpam is part of the Krshna Yajur Veda,Taittriya Shaakha.It is a very famous portion of the Vedas that is chanted in every ritual.

Mantrapushpam comes under Aaranyakas ( forest treaties ) - Part of the Vedas learnt in the forest region traditionally.

To briefly put, this portion speaks on the truths of creation. It says that from the Atman / consciousness emerged ether. From ether came air. From the air came fire. From Fire came Water. And from the Water emerged  Earth. The source of all the elements is the Atman itself.

Mantrapushpam also talks of the cause and effect relationship between water and other elements and heavenly bodies

Video above : My Veda Class kids reciting Mantrapushpam - 2017

Atman --> ether --> Air --> Fire --> Water --> Earth.

How can water be produced from fire, earth from water, and fire from air ???

Rather confusing isn't it?

In fact, many Greek philosophers have similarly propounded on the truths of Mantrapushpam.

A common verse in Mantrapushpam that occurs repetitively : 

Yopam ayatanam Veda
Ayatanavan bhavati.

Meaning : 

He who knows the source of water,
Becomes established in himself.”

To quote an instance, Thales believed that everything came out from water.

Explanation on the interconnection of elements :

Fire and Water :

As the third of the five elements that constitute the universe,fire is the basis of the fourth element - water.This is very much expressed in nature.For example :

(1) Water in the clouds is the basis of the fire in the form of lightning.

(2) Water in the form of digestive juices is the source of the digestive fire.

Air and Water : 

As the second of the five elements , air is the basis of the fourth element - water.To quote an example : 

(1) Air in the form of water vapour is the source of water in the form of dew and rain.

Scorching Sun and Water

Mantrapushpam also explains as to how the scorching Sun is the source of water.The heat from the Sun is responsible for the water cycle.

Moon and water

Further,the Vedas through Mantra pushpam declare that the moon is the source of water.

The Moon's movements are responsible for the rise and fall of tides all over the world.The Moon is thus,the basis of water.Water is the source of the Moon based on the legend that says the Moon rose like a lotus flower during the churning of the milky ocean ( from the Hindu Puranas )

Stars and water

Stars or the constellations we see in the skies are the source of the creation.The biological and animal kingdom owe their existence to the stars.Water in the form of rain,is produced on earth due to the revolvement of the Earth around the Sun and its rotation about its axis.Thus,stars become the source of water.

Clouds and water

Clouds produce rain.Water in turn,is the origin of rain-bearing clouds.

Time and water

 Time, in the form of seasons, is the cause for water cycle and flow of water - which regenerates water.The degree of presence or absence of water in turn,affects the seasons of the year.

Symbolic significance of Mantrapushpam :

Love is the water of life.God is love.Love is God - Sathya Sai Baba

( Love here can also be equated to realisation of Self - the state of God in man )

Flower ( Pushpam ) refers to the spiritual heart ( the heart where God is seated ) . This flower will never fade away. - Baba

Knowing this,we can express the oft repeated lines in the chant as '' Only one who knows the source of Love - God,attains that source - God ''.

Fire and Water

 Fire also refers to light or knowledge.Knowledge is the basis of Love.In any relationship,understanding is very important.Adjustment without understanding is not good.Understanding leads to automatic adjustment and love.Thus,knowledge is the basis of Love.

 Love is the greatest motivator.Love for any object propels us to know more about the object.Thus,love is the basis for knowledge.

Air and water

Air moves about freely everywhere without any restrictions.It represents expansion and absence of limiting boundaries.Such expansion is the source of Love.Universal and selfless Love in turn is the basis of all expansion.

Scorching Sun and water.

The word used for the scorching Sun ( tapata )also means intense penance.Intense effort or penance is the basis for Love and love is the primary motivation for the intense effort.

Sun also represents our vision.Our vision sharpens our love and love in turn shapes our vision.

Moon and water

The moon represents the mind and thoughts.This is well proclaimed in the Vedas ( Purusha Suktam).As we think,so do we become.Our minds shape our perception of our world.Mind is thus the basis of what we love and love is also the basis of our thoughts.

Stars and Water

Stars shine brightly,dispelling darkness and acting as a navigator in the darkness of the night.They represent the ability within each one of us to act beacon lights amid the darkness of hatred,divisiveness and ignorance.Such and ability gets impetus from Love.

Clouds and Water

Clouds are the reservoir of water.But they do not keep any water to themselves.They share all their water as rain.Thus,they represent selflessnes.Selfishness and pure love do not go together.Selflessness is the basis of love and love is the foundation for selflessness.

Time and water

Sri Aurobindo says,''Nothing has to be rejected.All have to be raised to the levels of Divine consiousness.''With time,all have to realise that we are embodiments of love.Thus,time is the basis of love.

                             MIND-BLOWN ? 

Adapted from,Vedic Chants,Vols. 1-6 Lalitha Vaitilingam , Nirmala Sekhar

Video : My Whatsapp Veda Student Rahul reciting Mantrapushpam

Why recite it? Can't I just go through the meanings?

The beauty of Vedas lies in its sound aspect. Vedas are literally the sound waves that reverberate with the cosmos. They were heard by ancient Sages who then orally transferred this sound-bound knowledge to disciples. This is why they are known as Shrutis ( that which was heard ). This is also why Veda chanting is bound to intonations ( uprise and downfall of pitches). Other forms of prayers which are not from Vedas do not have this rule ( eg.Lalita Sahasranamam )

If you read, it is nothing different from reading a good philosophy.No experience in you is triggered. If you chant it, the truths of the Vedas are realized by the very reciter.

Reading and knowing is different from reciting and letting the sound of the Vedas erupt the very experience in you.

The mantra ( sound energy ) is the pendrive through which cosmic data is transferred into the chanter.

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