Tuesday 4 August 2015

Ramayana - Free online book - chapter by chapter.

Looking for a real realiable source that describes the story of Lord Rama in detail ?


When you click on the above website,you will find a page where you  can read the Ramayana chapter by chapter.Do share around.

'Chanting RAMA'S Name Destroys all the sins - When you utter the word "RAM", you first open the mouth with the sound" RA". All your sins go out when your mouth is open. When you utter "M" by closing the mouth, the entry is barred against the sins that have gone out. Everyone should recognise the sweetness, the sacredness and the divinity enshrined in the name "RAMA".

(Excerpts from Bhagavan's Sri Rama Navami Discourses-
Sanathana Sarathi - April 2015 Page 20 & 21)

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  1. Namaskar
    Please read Shodasi : Secrets of the Ramayana
    by Seshendra Sharma
    For reviews and other details :