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Importance and Benefits of Shri Rudram

Shri Rudram is part of the Vedas.It occurs in the Taittiriya Samhita of Krishna Yajur Veda.The Panchakshari 'Namah Shivaya' comes from the middle portion of Shri Rudram ( 8th Anuvaka )

It has 11 Anuvakas in total ( chapters ). Rudram is usually followed by Chamakam, another portion of the Yajur Veda.

Understanding Shri Rudram as part of Vedas


Rudram Namakam by Kum Shravanthi and Me

We have to understand how Vedas came to this planet.Read on the 'genesis of Vedas'

To explain briefly :

The entire universe is vibrating at different frequencies. When there is a vibration, there is bound to be a sound. Hence, the entire creation or universe is reverberating with sound energy which exists in a dimension known as Aakasha ( one of the 5 elements. Aakasha is ether in English and sometimes the misnomer 'space' is used )

Ancient sages ( rishis ) who were in penance and meditation developed a heightened consciousness to tap into these sounds. The sages heard and saw these mantras which were revealed to them.

The cosmic sounds they heard were known as 'shruti-s' ( that which is heard ).
As they received these mantras,they also experienced divinity and the truths of the cosmos in parallel to these sounds.

The truths and knowledge of the cosmos were carried together with these sounds - like how a pendrive would carry data.

These sages then orally transmitted these Shruti-s to disciples and this was how the Vedas were came into organisation.Since many sages contributed to different portions of the Vedas, Veda Vyasa organised these shrutis into 4 classification of Vedas - the Rik,Yajur,Saama and Atharva.

As such, Shri Rudram was received by Aghora Rishi ( the sage for Shri Rudram )

~Revelation of Rudram~
“The mantra-drashta Rishi of Rudraprashnah was a rajarshi (king- Rishi) engaged in deep tapas for the welfare of his subjects. He had a vision, a fore-knowledge of things to come. He saw that major portions of his kingdom were struck by natural calamities and his subjects were crying, howling and dying. He was sad at the foretelling of the fate of his subjects.
The king intensified his tapas with re-doubled resolve to try and find a solution to this calamitous ending. God was pleased with him and granted him the shruti (sound) and darshan (vision) of the Rudra- Mantras. He was instructed to spread the teaching among his subjects. Those who chanted or listened and practiced the lesson of Love and non- violence inherent in the Rudra- Mantras were fortunate to have their calamitous ending averted. They were able to save not only themselves, but also were able to save others in an area of sahasra-yojanas around them. This was the background behind the revelation of the Rudra- Mantras.”
Extracts from Rudra Tattva
Rudram appears in the Taittiriiya Shaakha of the Krishna Yajur Veda (TS 4.5, 4.7)

For Learning

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Video : A recording of Shri Rudram by one of my Whatsapp class student

The Potent of Shri Rudram 

    Video : Bringing rainfall with Rudram chanting

Shri Rudram recitation creates an immense density of spiritual wave. When I say immense,I really mean extremely immensely immense.It is extremely powerful.It gives immense protection, pulverises negativity,heightens one's consciousness and does immense purification.

It has a direct effect on the 5 elements and all planes of existence.This is how aspirants use the Rudram to alter weather according to their will.

From my experience with Shri Rudram,I can confidently say that it contains the energy of big bang ( universe ) in a refined manner.

In fact, it is said that by reciting Rudram, one gets purified instantly. Another verse declares: a village or town resided by a devout reciter of Shri Rudram will be free from diseases, drought, theft and other illnesses.

The Shiva Purana states: By chanting Shri Rudram, one gains both worldly pleasures and liberation.

The sound ' namaha' is repeated more than a 100 times.Each utterance breaks the stubborn karma and root patterns in us and infuses us with the energy of Rudra.With this,we achieve completion and maintain the state of enlightenment - with zero karma.

In fact,in the Kaivalya Upanishad of Atharva Veda,it is revealed : One who recites Rudram is purified and relieved from the sins of killing a brahmana,consuming intoxicants and from the known and unknown sins.
Video: Shri Rudram produces the highest energy ever recorded by humanity

In fact, the latest experiment by Dr. Avinash Kulkarni displayed the highest energy ever recorded by mankind through a mass recitation of Shri Rudram.

Video: 12 000 People chanting Shri Rudram en masse 

The Chola King of ancient Tamizhakam used to conduct a Maha Rudra Yaaga annually in the Brihadeeshwara Temple of Tanjavur.Such was the reverence given by ancient kings towards Rudram.

Even today, Rudram is seen as the penultimate lesson in traditional pathsalas ( Vedic schools). One has to brave the discipline in a traditional vedic school for about 9 years before reaching Rudram as a syllabus.

Lord Krishna's Personal Sadhana was to recite Rudram everyday

The Anushaasana Parva is a portion from Mahabharata which describes a conversation between Bhagavan Krishna and King Yudhishthira.Lord Krishna reveals that He gets up early every morning to recite the Rudram as His daily sadhana.He even adds that one can attain anything through Rudram.

Not just that,Lord Rama belonged to the Veda Shaakha which contains Rudram.So Rudram was the nitya karma for Lord Rama too.

Lord Shiva's revelation on Rudram

In Kurma purana,we have a portion called 'Ishvara Gita'.In its 7th Chapter,Lord Shiva Himself declares : Among the Vedas,I am Sama Veda and among the Yajurveda,I am Rudram

In the same Purana,Lord Shiva instructs King Vasumanas to recite Rudram to attain liberation.

Sage Durvasa Clears the Sins of the Devas using Rudram

In the padma purana - paataala khaaNDa, we find a portion which describes how Sage Durvasa energised vibhooti with Rudram to nullify the sins of the devas.

Bhandasura got his powers from reciting Rudram

BhaNDasura was a powerful asura who obtained control over all the worlds by pleasing Lord Shiva through Rudram.Lalita Devi had to appear to kill this demon.This is mentioned in the  brahmanda purana - uttara bhaga of lalitopaakhyaanam Chapter 11.

Shri Sathya Sai Baba talks on the importance of Rudram

Due to the grace of Masters and Avatars,the popularity of Shri Rudram spread vastly over the years after Shri Sathya Sai Baba gave immense emphasis to it.

He even went to the extent of urging every individual to learn and recite it. Many other masters and gurus have also given much importance to the Shri Rudram. Hence, anyone can easily gain access to this Vedic knowledge. This has never been possible in the past.

I have personally witnessed the lives of many transform beyond imagination. Gargantuan doshas and heavy karmic influences can be pounded to dust by simply reciting Rudram regularly.

It's mantric force activates all chakras in once's subtle body.It also awakens the sahasra chakra.

Video: Malaysian Chinese couple reciting the Shri Rudram.They took a week just to learn the first verse and their dedication has made them into one of the icons for Vedas in Malaysia. They will shake your spine should they choose to narrate their experiences with Shri Rudram.

The revered Shaivite saints are known as the 'Nayanars'.They adhered to Shri Rudram. One particular saint even had his name prefix-ed with 'Rudra'.Pashupati's sole sadhana was to dip himself neck-deep in a lotus pond and to recite the Shri Rudram with full vigour.

Lord Shiva manifested and gave him enlightenment. Today, he is known as Rudra Pashupati Nayanar because of His reverence to Shri Rudram


The meaning of Rudram 

The essence of Rudram - if we look at the meanings at its highest level, is about recognising and realising the absolute consciousness ( God ) as Rudra in everyone and everything - even the wicked.

This is why they say - You are Rudra reciting Rudra which glorifies the entire universe as Rudra

It ultimately makes you realise your self as Rudra ( God), in parallel to the declaration that you are God ( Aham Brahmasmi ).

In Rudram, the sound namaha is repeated a lot. This is also why Rudram is referred to as Namakam.Namakam is said to be a prayer that requests us to have nothing. Nothingness is verily Shiva.With 'namaha',we disidentify ourselves with the material and merge with the universal consciousness.

Chamakam on the other hand purely asks for everything materialistic - it seeks different deities to confer us with wealth, health, food, knowledge etc

Chamakam is the expression of Shakti while Namakam - Shiva.

Of course, at different levels, the Rudram reveals secret formulae for medicines, descriptions about various beings, the glory of Lord Shiva etc 

As one raises his consciousness through Veda chanting, his ability to grasp the truths revealed by the Vedas enhances.

An amateur may see Rudram as a glorification of Shiva whereas an advanced being will experience himself and creation as God through Rudram.

Non-Indians learning Rudram

Today, Rudram is being learned throughout the globe. Europeans have even formed the Veda Union Group to spread Vedas in Europe.

European Veda Union Team Reciting Rudram and other portions of the Yajur Veda

15-year-old Japanese girl reciting entire Rudram by heart

French teacher Marine reciting Rudram.Her Guru is my mentor- Shri Maunish Vyas - author of Rudra Tattva

Children chanting Rudram and other parts of Vedas and Upanishads in Malaysia

Veda class in AIMST University, Malaysia - Rudram 1st Anuvaka

Rudram - the HIGHEST form of worship for Lord Shiva

Eleven recitations of Rudram followed by one recitation of Chamakam is called Ekadasha Rudram. This constitutes one unit of Rudra Yagya. Eleven rounds of Ekadasha Rudram makes one Laghu Rudram. Eleven Laghu Rudra recitation make one Maharudram and eleven Maharudram recitations is the Atirudram.

Atirudram is the highest form of worship for Lord Shiva.

Sai Baba during Ati Rudra Maha Yagya in August 2006 :

''This yagya is not merely for a few individuals, it is for the entire world.The mantras chanted here have mixed in the air and spread to the entire universe.These sacred sounds have entered our hearts and purified them.Hence,do not think that the mantras chanted in this yagya are confined to only this place.They have spread to the entire world''

Purifying the World With Rudram - Be a Light Being

Be a part to cleanse the world.As we have seen,Vedas constitute cosmic sound energy.By reciting Vedas,the sound waves produced propels and spreads throughout the world and universe.

In ancient times,sages used to retreat to forests to chant these powerful Vedas.By doing so,they purified the ENTIRE world.

By reciting something as powerful as Rudram,one can do immense benefit to the world.The elements,the water and the very air we breathe is polluted today.Rudram chanting can rectify the damage humanity has done to these entities.

 Learn Rudram and change your life today.

 For further details or enquiries,send 'em via whatsapp to +60163059916


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    1. I caught you as a regular chanter with your analogy of killing a rat with a cannon :)

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  13. I started learning Sri Rudram, Chamakam and Sukthas through a Guru after my retirement from service during 2007. Now having learnt all these, I daily do Rudrabhishekham while chanting Rudra, Chamaka, Purusha Suktha, Narayana Suktha, Sree Suktha and of late, Duga Suktha along with Laghu Nyasa. And mind you, I do the Rudra abhishekha as if I am conversing with LOrd Shiva during the process. I don't miss this even when I am away from India. This gives me immense happiness and peace of mind. Now I feel I have no needs & wants in life. God has given me every thing in life. Really really, chanting of Sri Rudra & Chamaka daily takes me beyond wordly pleasures.

    1. Thanks for your message Mr Ramakrishna. I see some similarity in my practice. I too quit active work as employee 2 years back and want to focus deeper into spirituality.. time is running out. I have been doing daily abhisheka pooja on Shiva Linga and Saligramas while chanting the various Sukthas and also Mruthyunjaya Japa.

      I got goose bumps when I read that you have elevated Shri Rudra chanting to the point of conversing with Lord Shiva. I would like to reach the same state. Please guide me. I have just started learning Shri Rudra on my own.

      Frankly, Lord Shiva has bestowed all the materialistic needs and has blessed us with peaceful time to focus on attaining liberation. Am really yearning and begging Lord Shiva to grace me at least a glimpse of self-realization in this life itself. Regular chanting of Shri Rudra with the sole objective of seeking his grace, our sincere prayer will be granted - I know it is not just an assurance but a guarantee!

      In Lord Shiva, I remain.

  14. It's very powerful..i've had a very powerful personal experience of Rudram Chanting. While chanting one particular hym 'Teshagum Sastayojane.....' wife noticed white light emanating and radiating out of my body to 4-5 feet englulfing me in its effulgence...this phenomenon stayed for 3-4 minutes....this was about three years ago...never noticed there are radio waves all around but cannot be seen likewise immensely powerful vibrations produced during chanting radiating to the entire world is definitely experience tells me....Sai Ram

    1. That particular verse you mentioned sends forth the vibration created from the verses of Rudram a thousand Yojana-s away ( sahasra-yojane )

      This verse is repeatedly recited along individual verses from Rudram during a Yagya - it spreads the vibrations to the whole world in a physical level and the entire cosmos at a subtle level.

      This is why Rudra Yagya-s are said to be the highest form of worship as it purifies the entire world.

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