Sunday 19 May 2024

Dr. Jayabharati: The Underrated Grandmaster

It boils my blood to see a legendary genius of the Malaysian diaspora who is still alien to the vocabulary of many.

A medical doctor, archeologist, author, a śri vidya upāsaka, linguist, painter, poet, musician - all encapsulated into an individual is what I call Dr. Jayabharati.

I got to know about Dr. Jaybee through my cousin's blog writeup @

The local media and NGO-s barely did any documentation of his work.

Dr Jayabharati served as the director of Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sungai Petani.

As a historian and archeologist, he rediscovered the lost city Ariviyur of Pāṇḍya dynasty during his medical days. He created headlines over the dailies.


Dr. jaybee has shared his experience on the lost city here:

Besides, he has done extensive research on ancient Malay civilizations.

He is an expert in śri vidya. Most of the śri vidya devotees have sought his guidance at one point of time.

He is a painter. Again, you will see a lot of temple artists and chief priests owing their art of painting and decoration from him.

He is skilled in music.

Image: Dr. Jayabharati as a musician

He has authored several books.

He is an astrologer, even having authored a book on astrology ( Nāḍi Jotidam )

He has a paramount mastery over Tamil language. He was coined with the title ' Tamil Grandmaster' by the late MIC prez Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

Dr. Jaybee has penned over 10 000 articles for free. Some of the websites are not updated hence they are unavailable today. 


A lot of his websites have their domains unrenewed so they are inaccessible. I really hope someone close to Dr. Jaybee could renew the domains in hope his tremendous work doesn't go oblivion.

His webpage was built to serve as a huge database on Indian studies. Unfortunately, no one renewed the webpage after Dr. Jaybee passed away in 2015. The link is now inaccessible. 

Video: Dr. Jaybee's documentary on an archeological site in Lembah Bujang. Just listen to his powerful language command in Tamizh.

The image above demonstrates one of his experiments which was inspirational to me. Dr. Jaybee exhibited the power of Veda mantras by comparing a plant's exposure to them. As you can see in the image, the plant exposed to the recitation of Veda mantras grew exponentially tall in comparison to her dwarf sister.

Image: Prof Dr. Ravichandran Manickam, former Vice chancellor of AIMST University. We worked on many projects on Vedic technology- one of it being an experiment Dr. Jaybee had done. We experimented on the germination of seeds using recitation of the Vedas.

My first Veda classes were done in a Shiva temple in Sungai Petani. Little did I know back then then the temple was a walkable distance from Dr. Jaybee's residence. The temple devotees in fact, recall the times when the legend conducted lectures and classes for them.

The blessings of Dr. Jaybee is sure to pervade that township till date. To me, it was his grace which served as a guidance in my endeavors. 

Image: Dr. Jayabharati's grand-daughter, sitting in front of me, currently a 4th year medical student. I usually talk about Dr. Jaybee with anyone I meet and I did so with this group of students who had completed their hospital posting. As I did, she casually affirmed that it was her own grandpa. I have never met Dr. Jaybee personally but it gives me great joy to serve his blood by teaching clinical sessions.

May the legacy of Dr. Jayabharati ever soar high.