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The Danger of Walking into any Random Temple You Encounter Part 2

This article is a continuation to 'The Danger of Walking Into Any Random Temple You Encounter Part 1' 

Powerful Vibe Doesn't Always Equate To Divinity

Some temples appear grand, are attended to on a daily basis, and have Agamic rituals taking place there. However, these temples can still be presided by a non-deity spirit. In my previous article, I wrote about how people consciously install spirits and non-divine entities into idols and run their shows.

There are many such temples in Malaysia, which are popular among the locals under the banner of being a 'powerful temple'

See, a temple does not necessarily equate to divinity if you feel a powerful presence, have goosebumps, experience Kundalini jerks, or get triggered by the sensation of current flowing up the vertebral column. 

It is true that the presence of a ferocious deity like Kali or Karuppanaswamy may ( not always and not necessarily ) present you with the mentioned stimuli and response, but these can be mimicked using occult rituals involving non-divine beings as well. Many occult practitioners use this trick to mask their wrongdoings.

Yakshinis, Pishachinis and beings alike are intentionally invoked in the guise of our beloved deities. These beings are not 'bad' or 'evil'. They have their own volatile nature and they can be misused by occult practitioners. Temples run by occult practitioners like this have a lot of powerful rituals done occasionally and you will find a powerful ambiance and aura when you foot into such shrines.

See, these beings can be misused in many ways. Occult practitioners use such beings to perform Arul Vak  ( oracling ). A lot of Malaysian oracles and shamans ( irrespective of culture and religion ) actually use djinns, bhootas and other non-divine beings to do their work.

These practitioners use such occult rituals as a shortcut to obtain a divine personality and stature which eventually helps garner huge wealth and fame. It is to gain trust from innocent devotees which paves way for exploitation.

If you are someone who is spiritual by default, you will find something oddly paradoxical about such temples. You will feel a strong energy upon footing there, but at the same time, you will feel extremely drained and exhausted. You will experience intense hunger and increased appetite. These indicate a life-force leakage.

 Sucking Off Your Energy

These temples are empowered with occult rituals and they suck or drain life force from any potential source including spiritual people ( who carry a dense concentration of prana - life force). This is also why such places have animal Bali ( sacrifice ) rituals which are done haphazardously without any protocol ( Bali is part of Shastra but they have a strict guideline to it. Bali is not about butchering as one wishes ). They have to constantly feed the being or the temple space with Prana from an external source to sustain the fake 'powerful' ambiance.

After all, whatever presides in the temple, is not divine.

Having Your Wishes Granted

Visiting such temples can have your wishes fulfilled pretty well. But remember that not all that is pleasant is necessarily good. The occult dimension is like a rotting corpse adorned with a pretty mask and thick makeup. The being can fulfill your wish, but you will never know what you have lost in the trade. It can be as bad as having a life in your family taken. Such temples will be often frequented by the same faces for never-ending problems. This is because in the occult dimension, when one help is conferred to you, 2 new problems await you back home. 

Our Elders Knew

Our elders have provided us with a clear manual on these things. We have a manual for every sampradaya in regards to temple construction. This includes folk temples. The form of the deity, the weapons they carry, their vastu location etc are intricately described. There is even a chapter in Kamika Agama of Shaivism which guides one to nullify any deity, image and Linga which has been infused with black magic ritual. This proves that the occult business has been going on for a long time.

Today you find all sorts of 'temple' in the name of folk worship, misrepresenting our beloved deities in the ugliest and most disrespectful manner. 

Just visit a folk temple in a rural village in India and visit those in Malaysia. Be sensitive, bring in your awareness and you will understand this article. You will realise the significant deviance in Malaysian worship.

Powerful Temples in Malaysia

Let us sprinkle some positivity into this article. Now, do not start getting paranoid about every temple in this country. There are many, many folk temples that are powerful and genuine. They are presided by actual deities. Also, footing into an occult temple will not do too much harm if you learn about it and step away soon. There is really nothing to be afraid of. Lead a dharmic life, worship your ishta devata and Kula devata sincerely and they will guide you with everything you need. Hold on to your guru firmly.

Just ask your Kula Devata for guidance and protection before footing into a suspicious shrine.

Now having that said, we have another issue... where 90% of the Indian diaspora in Malaysia do not know their Kula Devata.... *sigh*

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