Thursday 15 July 2021

Why is An 'Airborne' Covid19 Virus So Dangerous ? Social Distancing No Longer Guarantees Protection !

The Delta variant of covid-19,plays an important role to the observable spike in the daily statistics - primarily due to its airborne nature

Airborne transmission - the big word

Let us see how airborne transmission occurs.

You would have used an aerosol engineered device at least once in your lifetime - like an insecticide. The mechanism - the liquid that kills your roach is subjected to pressure and is ejected to the external environment in the form of miniscule droplets.

Let the diagram below illustrate :

The larger droplet particles are acted upon gravity,and find their way to the floor.However,the micro-droplets are left suspended in air.Yes - you actually have extremely tiny liquid particles which just stay afloat in the air !

This principle is the same with sneeze.

This principle is also used in your nebulisers or metered dose inhalers.When an asthmatic uses this device,the microdroplets ejected into the lungs remain suspended in within the lungs.This enables a prolonged contact of the active agent with the lung airways.

We know that the Delta Variant is airborne - meaning,the micro-droplets from a person's sneeze / cough which remain suspended in the air actually houses the virus.

This means that you could easily catch the infection by simply walking pass an area suspended by such invisible droplets.

Let us say,for example, Person X sneezes in an empty playground.He leaves the place rightly after.Person Y visits the same playground after an hour.Noticing it human-free,he removes his face-mask to appreciate a natural breathing.

He ultimately walks pass the 'eggs' laid suspended by person X ( micro-droplets ) and inhales them...

.. So the picture is rather terrifying.

It is no longer about social distancing or sanitization.An airborne virus is far deadly than you can imagine.

Quarantine yourselves,stay safe

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