Thursday 22 April 2021

The Greatest Lesson from a Broken Bone

 Let us begin with a break.Let us say you underwent a mechanical trauma and broke a bone.

 Now, a break / fracture simply means you have a discontinuity within the bone. Our modus to facilitate the bone healing is to put the bone fragments to where they belong and ensure they are stabilised in that position.

 We do this through rigid fixation.This is where all the screws and pins come into the operation theatre.

 We can also say that the fragments are aligned back to position and compressed,which allows them to heal properly without complications.

 Gavril A.Ilizarov,a Russian surgeon revolutionised the concept of bone healing through 'distraction osteogenesis'.

 The underlying principle behind :

' any living tissue when subjected to constant stretch under biological conditions,can grow to any extent'

 The entire mechanism is much more complicated but the magic in an analogy :

When you split a bone into two,and slowly,gradually pull one fragment away from the other,you actually promote bone healing.Bone actually forms between the two fragments.

Image : From Essential Orthopaedics ( Maheshwari & Mhaskar )

The Ilizarov technique comes from this.

Our body houses the very cosmic intelligence.It can perform miraculous healings - and we can facilitate that.

' any living tissue when subjected to constant stretch under biological conditions,can grow to any extent'

When you are stretched out of your comfort zone,it is a sign of growth.Growth can be slow and almost oblivious,but it has a massive long term effect.

( Massive limb lengthenings - upto 18 inches have been performed by the Ilizarov's method )

Remember that you can feel yourself akin to the bone - cut apart and dragged,strained and stretched.It can feel insane,but remember that they induce growth in you.Staying in the comfort zone feels good,but it keeps you ordinary.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a decision you take when you want to go beyond your current state.

Keep expanding.Be courageous to make the quantum leap; to allow yourself for superconsciousness breakthrough.Step out of the comfort zone.Your own body can be the greatest teacher at times.

You can grow to any extent,only if you allow yourself.Surrender to the cosmos.

Image : Me with an Ilizarov Ring Fixator

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