Saturday 26 September 2020

Veganising Malaysian Delicacies with Chef Dave


From Nasi Lemak to your favourite tea tarik,which verily preside as Malaysia's middle name - you can now have them veganised with Chef Dave.

Vegans and Vegetarians can now satiate their peer pressure to finally relish the diverse colours of Malaysian dishes in their unique cruelty free-version.You guys can now post your crude Malaysian identity proudly on social media too ! 

Our chef often amalgamises awareness on veganism in his recipes through his Youtube videos.

Being an ambassador for veganism is not easy in Malaysia - where its not readily accepted by many.I am sure the challenges ChefDave has and will brave is not mild.And that is exactly why he is our hero.

From the Chef himself : On how it all began

Chef Dave started his Youtube channel this year following the arrival of Covid19.He walked in the virtual red carpet to assure the netizens a leeway to live as a vegan in Malaysia.

His height of consciousness touched the tender hearts of many when he chose animal rights over profit by promoting only vegan options through his channel.

Chef Dave notably travels the length and breadth of Peninsular Malaysia to meet versatile personalities to work on interesting recipes. He has helped enhance the buoyancy to raise the submerged iceberg that has unveiled the hidden heroes we have.

கொல்லான் புலாலை மறுத்தானைக் கைகூப்பி
எல்லா உயிருந் தொழும்.

All creatures will join their hands together, 
and worship him who has never taken away life, nor eaten flesh. 

- Thirukural

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