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Location and Description of God in The Body as Per Vedas

The absolute consciousness is centralised in our body as Atma ( spirit ).One who meditates upon this point of reference can even visualise the form of the Atma ( God )

In the Taittiriya Aranyaka ( forest treaties ; portion of the Vedas learnt in the forest region traditionally ) of the Krishna Yajur Veda,we find a portion called 'Narayana Suktam'.

It occurs in the 4th,10th Prashna of the 13th Anuvaka ( chapter ).The Narayana Suktam also appears in the Mahanarayana Upanishad ( The Great Narayana Upanishad ).

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Introduction to Vedas 

The entire Universe is reverberating.When there is reverberation,there is sound.In other words,the entire cosmos is simply a manifestation of sound energy.The ancient Vedic sages through penance,activated non-mechanical parts of their brains which enabled them to download cosmic data directly.They received cosmic truths in the form of sounds which they heard and experienced.These truths were recited as received,and passed on generations after generations.

Since Narayana Suktam is part of the Aranyaka,we do not know the Rishi who downloaded it ( the Rishis for the Aranyaka part of the Vedas are unknown )

Narayana Suktam is also revered by Vaishnavites.Narayana Suktam is one of the important 5 suktams which are recited during Abhisheka for Lord Venkateshvara in Tirumala.

In the Narayana Suktam,the location of God in the body is described.Let us look at the relevant verses :

padma kosha = bunch of lotus petal
prati-kaasham = reflection
hrdayam = the spiritual heart
cha = and
api = also
adhaha = downwards
mukham = facing
adhaha = downwards
niShTyaa = from the niShTi ( adam's apple )
vitasti = fully extended palm span length from the tip of little finger to tip of thumb ( Vedic measurement )
ante = at the end
naabhyaam = navel's
upari = above
tiShThati = located

Meaning :

It ( Paramatma ) appears like a downward facing bunch of lotus petals.It is all reflecting ( the universe ) at the spiritual heart.It is located at a distance of one-palm-span downwards from the Adam's apple and upwards from the navel.

The vitasti is a Vedic measurement.

The niShTi is the laryngeal prominence ( Adam's apple  ) :

Location of Paramatma ( one vitasti downwards from the Adam's apple and above the navel )

This is there reference point for the Paramatma ( God ) in the body as per the precise description in the Vedas.Lord Hanumaana rips open His chest to use the mentioned reference point to display His Lord in form.

A person who meditates on this reference point will attain spiritual awakening.He can visualise the Paramatma too.The description of Paramatma is also given in this Suktam.Let us look at the relevant verses :

jvaala-maalaa-kulam = like a garland of flames
bhaatii = dazzling
vishvasya = all pervasive
aayatanam = abode
mahat = great
sam = equal
tatam = present
shilaabhihi = in the vessels ( arteries,nerve plexus,veins,capillaries )
tu = it
lambati = hangs
aa-koSha = bunch
sannibham =  like

Meaning :
This is the great abode of the all-pervasive cosmos.It dazzles like a garland of flames.Among the hanging vessels,it is present equally in all directions ( indicating its all-pervasive grace )

tasya = its
ante = end
su-shiram = fine thread
suukShmam = invisible
tasmin = its
sarvam = everything
prati = reflected
sthitam = located
tasya = its
madhye = at its centre
mahaan = great
agnihi = fire
vishva = all pervasive
archihi = blazing
vishvataha = all pervasive
mukhaha = facing

Meaning :
At its end,is a fine thread like ,invisible location where the all-pervasive cosmos is reflected.At its centre,is a fire so great.It blazes and reflects on all sides.

sam = equally
taapayati = heats up
svam = of its own
deham = body
aa-paada-tala-mastakaha = from the sole of the feet to crown of head
tasya = its
madhye = at its centre
vahni-shikha = fiery point
aNiiyaha = atomic size
uurdhvaaha = upwards
vi-ava-sthitaha = placed

Meaning :
At its centre is an atomic sized,upward facing fiery point which heats up the body equally from the sole of foot to the crown of head ( whole body )

niila-toyada = blue-cloud
madhyasthaat = from amidst
vidyut = lightning
lekha = streak
iva = alike
bhaasvaraa = dazzles
niivaara = very small variant of wild rice
shuuka = at the tip ( of its corn )
vat = alike
tanvii = very fine and slim
piitaa = yellow
bhaasvatii = dazzles
aNu-upama = like an atom

Meaning :
It shines like a streak of lightning amidst the blue cloud.It dazzles at it tips like a very fine,slim atomic yellow light.

tasyaaha = its
shikhaayaa = at its tip
madhye = at its centre
param = ultimate
aatmaa = soul
vi-ava-sthitaha = placed
saha = he
brahma = Lord Brahma
harihi = Lord Vishnu
shivaha = Lord Shiva
indraha = Lord Indra
a-kSharaha = non-desctructible
paramaha = ultimate
sva-raaT = self-luminous

Meaning :

At the very centre of its tip is the paramatma.The Paramatma is Brahma,Shiva,Hari and Indra.It is undesctructible.It is self-luminous.It is ultimate !

Now that we have visualised the form of the Paramatma ( God ) in our heart centre,we realise that we are indeed truly Paramatma !

Narayanaha = Lord Narayana
paraha = beyond
dhyaataa = meditator
dhyaanam = meditation
yat = whichever
cha = and 
kinchit = whatever
jagat = everything that is born and which dies
sarvam = everything
drshyate = seen
shruuyate = heard
api = also
vaa = or

Meaning :

The person who is Meditating is Narayana.He is meditating on Narayana.Whichever and whatever which is seen and heard ( perceived ) in this creation is verily Narayana

*This verse declares the supreme truth of Advaita.The goal of meditation is to realise that you are verily that Narayana ! You are Paramatma.You are Brahma,Shiva,Vishnu,Indra.Not just that, the entire creation and universe is Paramatma.

In real,Paramatma is everything and not only localised to the spiritual heart.That is a mere reference point for you to meditate.To meditate until you merge with Narayana.To realise that you are verily that Paramatma.

This tallies with the Mahavakya of the Vedas : Aham Brahmasmi ( I am God )

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