Friday 26 June 2020

Why is Surya Called a Graha when it ain't Planet ?

Anti-Hindu personalities often use the misnomer of graha = planet to strenghten their argument against the scientific validity of Hinduism
Vedic terms cannot be directly represented through an English dictionary.The very word 'graha' means - 'that which attracts' or 'that which grasps'.


The Vedic term for a temple deity is vigraha ( not idol ).Vigraha is a combination of vi and graha

vi = viśhēṣhēṇa ( specially )
graha = that which attracts

Graha - That which has gravity ( attractive force )

Graha in this way,include a wide range of celestial bodies and not just planets.The Sun is a graha for it has a gravitational force which keeps the entire solar system in geometry.

Even you are a graha - for your body has a mass and it has its own gravitational pull.

Different verses of the Vedas in relation to graha-s are compiled as Navagraha Suktam.We find Aditya as one of the graha-s in this suktam.

As per astrology,we only recognise the graha-s that can influence us.

When other civilisations were believing the Earth to be flat and stoned anyone who claimed otherwise,the Vedas already had reference for big bang and multiverse, leave alone recognising other celestial objects that potentially affect us with their alignment.

Lord Varaha holding the globe on His tusk


(1) Big Bang Theory in Vedas 

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