Monday 16 September 2019

Vaithianatha Muniswaran # Mystical Temples of Malaysia

Physician in d'house 

Who would have guessed a healing hub to preside within the deep greens of Tanjung Rambutan, Perak ?

You are required to brave the rural path through the forest before sighting this temple.An adjacent river sets navigation to your destination.I even spotted Orang Aslis ( Aborigines ) on the way.Like venturing Kupang Mariamman,I once again felt being teleported to Indonesia through a Dr.Strange portal.

          Video : Pathway to temple


As the name suggests,this temple is well-known for its healing attributes.Seekers have got their ailments cured upon praying here.Common examples include dermatological conditions ( eg. Plaque Psoriasis ) and infectious diseases.

The Orang Aslis frequent here as well.Many Singaporeans routinely visit upon seeing improvement in their morbidity.


The temple was established in 1998. Its founder channels Muni and the deity requested a river-side temple to be constructed. The river-side forest which was chosen as the construction site was already well-known for its mysticism. Supernatural beings are said to reside here in abundance. Shamans used to visit this place for rituals relating to Datuk Keramat.

The temple expanded in construction to house more deities and a recent installment of a 52 feet tall Muni statue pushed the temple into the limelight.

This temple is famous for channeling.The deity is channeled every Sunday. Devotees flock to have their problems verbally expressed in return for a solution. Prayers revolve cure for diseases - from acute to chronic.

Interestingly, the channeled deity does a follow-up - enquiring revisiting devotees about their progress.

Teppe Thiruvila 

This temple holds a unique festival where the deity is boated on the river.A parallel to Singamukha Kaliamman Temple's teppe thiruvila in Penang.




  Presiding Deity - Vaithiyanatha Muni

     Utsava Murti

  Naga Devata

 Bhairava's Insignia in front of presiding deity

    Anterior View

          Lateral View

          Posterior View

Notes afloat and dense coins settle at the base - pool of water below feet



Sathaiyanar.This is a form of Ayyanar of Sathanur village in India.Also known as Sathanur Ayyanar Eesan.

This temple has created multiple headlines in the dailies - evidenced by the notice board display.

It's worth a try visiting this temple.The green setting around creates an ambience of peace.

Temple Location :

*The above link will drop you at a junction.You need to drive in deeper through the tiny road leading into the forest*

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