Thursday 7 February 2019

Stop Blaming Hindu Sangam !

MHS was bashed in social media for what this nuclear family did last Thaipusam

Our keyboard warriors have a fetish for Malaysian Hindu Sangam. It's a never ending affair. They are being summoned for all occasions - of course the inauspicious ones that apparently bring disgrace to the Hindu culture which is being followed by every pure Hindu keyboard warrior in its zenith.

 Drunkard dances for Thaipusam - '' What the hell is Hindu Sangam doing ?''

 Temple demolished - '' What the hell is Hindu Sangam doing ?? ''

 Vesthi loosens during Thaipusam - '' What the hell is Hindu Sangam doing ?'

 My bladder gets full - '' What the hell is Hindu Sangam doing ??? ''

 Aunty's toddler shits in diaper - '' What the hell is Hindu Sangam doing ?? ''

If you think I am exaggerating, have a look at this :

Recently, came up with an article that highlighted on elders who fail to preserve the history of local deities in Malaysia. Our friend blames Hindu Sangam for that

The article was on how our locals care least to take consideration to preserve their ancestral temples,ultimately having them converted to vague Mariamman shrines.

Ithukum Hindu Sangathukkum yennada thodarpuuuu ?

What has this got to do with Hindu Sangam ? 

Understanding Hindu Sangam

Getting to Basics 

Hindu Sangam is registered as a company. YES - A COMPANY. It is registered under SSM ( Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia ) and not ROS ( Registrar of societies ).

Reality :

Modalaali..unga company le vellai vendum...

Hindu Sangam CANNOT interfere in any temple issues. They can give opinions and views though. But thats the redline. They cannot directly intervene and change things.

We do not have an authoritative body. A temple management decides how they want to run a temple. If you like,visit the temple. If you have issues, avoid going to that temple - it is that simple.

Responsibility rests on our own shoulders.

Video now : 

A family in Kavi going frenzy during Thaipusam. Did anyone highlight on public responsibility ? We pounce on Hindu Sangam for not knowing this mini-club show that happened in a festival crowded by thousands..

What were the bystanders doing ? plucking ? 

They could have easily stopped them. Come on, the wannabe dancers are pathetically outnumbered. Don't tell me you could not have at least conveyed some non-verbal cues to them.

When we fail to exercise social responsibility, we should stop blaming another party

Again, you expect Hindu Sangam to what ? The stout is amalgamised with garland because there are buyers who fancy them 

The members of Hindu Sangam are just like you and me. They are not endowed with remote or infrared vision to end injustice in any corner possible. Education should start from home !

When 99 percent of the Indian diaspora do not even know their Kula Devata and care least to learn about their own religion, there is no point in blaming Hindu Sangam.

Before being a keyboard warrior , ask yourself : 

(1) Do you know your Kula Devata ?
(2) Do you know the mode of worship you belong to ?
(3) Do you have an Ishta Devata ?
(4) Do you follow a particular philosophy ( like Advaita ) ? 

We love pointing the index finger at others without realising that the other digits are inevitably targeting us.

This finger is apt to be utilised in a rectal examination, not to laserpoint others.

A good way to approach Hindu Sangam - though I disagree with the point quoted by the person


I am not from Hindu Sangam. In fact I do not want to associate myself with them.


This was about 4 years back when I had some plans on Hindu empowerment. I approached them. I sent an official email to at least 30 members of MHS who claim to hold position in the body. None of them replied.

I personally texted another famous figure from Hindu Sangam ( no more active ) and she replied 6 months later with a plain rude reply. She was apparently too busy and tired to spare time for community work in religious empowerment.

I backed off as they appeared hypocrite ( experience may differ with others ) , started an effort myself which bore fruits - it took lots of effort, pain and time - but at least it flowered. Importantly, I realised that it is never easy to gain support from your fellowmen in this nation.

Nevertheless, some commendable effort is actually being put by MHS. They are not all about Thirumurai and Thevaram.

For example, an acquaintance of mine recites Lalita Sahasranama weekly in temples with her team - and these are the very representatives of Hindu Sangam.

This is what they stand for - they can discuss and advise, but MHS cannot directly interfere with any temple. So stop expecting them to do so ! 

In a nutshell,

Stop pulling Hindu Sangam for every mosquito bite you get. Start transformation from home. At least conduct a thorough research before blatantly abusing Hindu Sangam. They are at least doing much more than most keyboard warriors who see temples as a spot for selfies and food.

And no one can set rules to them - as to what they should and should not do. As mentioned earlier, they stand as  a company and not a legal authoritative body.

When you can't stop the atrocities in Thaipusam, why should they ? 



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