Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Ravana A Tamizh King ? Debunking Myth

 In all standard sampradayas and scriptures of ancient India,Shri Rama is without doubt seen and regarded divine - as one of the prominent incarnations that happened in this planet.

 Being a 90's kid,Ramachandra always topped my hierrarchy of heroes,even surpassing Rajnikanth.We were very much exposed to the Ithihasa that took form as coloured books and films.

Who here remembers this epic Ramayana movie - which shaped our childhood.No wonder 90's kids are so awesome.We grew up watching this rather than TikTok and Musically videos.
Ironman or Batman,Hanuman's the best.Either ways I have to admit my eagerness to watch 'Avengers:Endgame' on screen
Lately,fanatics with political motives have started to virtually perform a non-invasive craniotomy to infuse hatred towards our own culture.

 Have you noticed how various baseless self proposed theories on how Ravana represents a Tamizh King has been on the rise lately ? 

Simon Sebastian AKA Seeman

 Certain ill-thinking groups in Tamil Nadu,funded by Missionaries are all out to destroy the Indian culture and Ithihasas that has been our very breath.Their anti-hindu nature and hatred for Brahmins has taken various forms that has successfully brainwashed many. 

 They have even gone to the extend to label Shri Rama as an outsider who sabotaged Ravana - who is apparently a pure Tamizh King 

 They have absolutely no support for these claims.In addition,let's look at how we can debunk this filthy theory.

(1) The very idea of Rama and Ravana is derived from our Ithihasa - Valmiki's Ramayana to be specific.Every version of Rama's story is inspired from this - be it Ramakien of Thailand,Ramacharitamanas by TulsiDas or Ramopakyana in the Mahabharata.

 In other words,without Valmiki Ramayana,you would not be even hearing about Rama or Ravana.So let's see what Valmiki's Ramayana has to say about Ravana.

Ravana is indeed brilliant.He was a genius who had mastery in aeronautics

(2) Ravana was never a noble persona.He was brilliant intellectually.He was also a rapist who used to kidnap women,imprison and sexually abuse them.The scriptures even describe the names of the women who were raped by this filth ( Found in six
 verses from 13th canto of Yuddhakanda in Valmiki Ramayana ) He was also a cannibal.A bloody bastard filth in short.

Movie Reviewer Prashanth,lovingly known as 'Panda' credits Ravana as a 'Tamil King'.He is proud to claim a rapist as his king.Maybe that's why he gives B grade movies a high rating.

(3) He had NOTHING to do with Tamizhs ! Ravana is a hybrid.His father is a Brahmin while his mother - an Asura.If Ramayana was a plot created by the Aryans to glorify Brahmins,why would they credit a villain as a brahmin ? In fact, Rama who is the the very incarnate of divinity was a kshatriya.


 It was Rama who had contact with the ancient Tamizhs.Rama belongs to the Ikshvaku dynasty and he was dark skinned.The Cholas also belong to the same dynasty.

 If Ravana was a Dravidian King cooing ' Tamilanda' like how these Dravidian ideologists claim,why did he compose the famous 'shiva tandava stotra' in sanskrit ? Why not in Tamizh ? 

Video : Shiva Tandava Stotra,a sanskrit hymn composed by Ravana

(4) He kidnapped Sita not to avenge his sister ! Ravana was only interested in Sita after Surphanakha described her beauty. That was why he used his cunning ways to kidnap Sita.The theory on Sita being his daughter is rubbish - no evidence whatsoever.

A Tamil King taking the guise of a saint to kidnap his enemy's wife ? A true Tamil King would face his enemy directly,unlike Ravana - a coward with atrophied testicles.Come to my village in India if you want a definition of a royal kshatriya.

Do not let your sentiments to influence you.This is what has been done by these dravidian ideologists to impose their dirty politics.The problem is , we get too hyped when someone says 'tamilanda'.Our very exaggerated pride is our biggest weakness..

 Start listening and reading on true tamizh icons like Poet Bharatiyar or even Thiruvalluvar and you will know how they revered the hindu culture eminently. 

Mahakavi Bharityar glorifies shaktism in his poem ' thunbam illadha nilaiye shakti', while Simon AKA Seeman who shouts ' Tamilanda' degrades Hindu Goddesses who are revered in this land.

Jai Shri Rama