Tuesday 20 November 2018

Simple Kala Bhairava ritual for time management

24 hours a day is barely sufficient for many who are braving the cobwebs within the urban matrix.

Here is one simple practice you can do daily to enhance time management.It will help things fall in place.

First, find a shrine or temple for Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava is the ferocious manifestation of Shiva who is also the very embodiment of time.

You can also choose the shrine for any deity who represents the energy of Bhairava. Folk deities, such as Karuppanaswamy, Muniswaran and Madurai Veeran fall into these categories. I am mentioning these deities as they are very much common in many nations influenced by the Indian diaspora - such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Caribbeans.

A Kala Bhairava shrine like this will do...

... Or a Guardian Deity shrine like this 
Next, place your wristwatch in front of the deity. Ensure that you follow the temple rules adhered. Do not touch the deity but just place the watch in front or anywhere near possible appropriately.Or simply hold it in your hands.
Then, close eyes and visualize a trishula (trident).The trident is the very embodiment of Kala Bhairava's energy.Do this as long as you are comfortable and until you get a connection with Bhairava ; an emotional bonding.


Finally,request through a prayer that time management should manifest in your life.

Start wearing the watch and use it on a daily basis.You can repeat this ritual daily if you want.

You will notice how everything falls into place miraculously.

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