Thursday 29 November 2018

Is He worth the Mockery ? Seafield Mariamman 'Dey' Troll

  Who would have guessed that this gentleman would steal the limelight in social media.Well, he has - that too as a troll material.

  Recently,this man was featured in a short clip amidst the turmoil in Seafield Mariamman temple some days back.He seemed to express his rage with non-verbal cues but rather exemplified by dynamic hand and oral gestures.

  His emotional outburst was visually received and made viral by most keyboard warriors,ultimately clowning him in the platform.Even those who are unaware of the temple issue have started ridiculing him and commonly,imitating him via 'tiktok' videos.

  It was greatly saddening to note a depth of hypocrisy despite the roar for their culture or heritage.

  As he himself clarified,he was in a tense situation where he was lacking manpower and resources to handle the tight situation in the temple premise when the infamous incident took place.He apparently strained his vocal cord to get help from anyone possible at that moment - bystanders,drivers etc.

  That was the main reason as to why he could not speak in the video , despite having the urge to express his emotional surge.

  While most of us trolled him,some touching facts simply went over our heads.
He was wearing himself out to help stabilise the havoc while many of us were sleeping in comfort.While most of us crowed about the issue in social media,he was actually physically present there to play a positive role in it.

  Our jokes and trolls are a direct mockery to his sentiments and emotions.Just think about this - you are there in a spine chilling situation that displays many horrid possible outcomes.You sacrifice your energy,time and sleep to right things there.. and when our utopian civilisation is expected to credit such heroes,you find yourself trending as a troll in international media...

  So,is it wrong to get emotional ? All of us undergo emotional crisis where we express ourselves in the most uncouth way - just that no one has recorded us.In that sense,we are all underrated clowns. Before laughing at others, just start reflecting on yourself.

  A simple yet profound and much needed saying ,'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

  There is no point in celebrating the victory of the situation when you mock the unsung heroes behind it.


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