Wednesday 17 February 2016

Powerful Shiva Mantras

 Mahasivarathri this year falls on the 7th March 2016. On this day,there is a very powerful possibility of raising oneself in spiritual terms.That is why in the vedic culture,they said that we must not sleep on Mahasivarathri,and rather,should focus on spirituality.

So here are some really powerful Shiva Mantras that can be learnt and chanted as a sadhana for Mahasivarathri and whenever possible.These will be extremely powerful in experience wise.

Mantras :

(1) Sri Rudram and Chamakam.

    - Sri Rudram is considered as the most powerful vedic chant ever.It is extremely powerful.In fact, the basic mantra ' Om namah Sivaya' comes from Sri Rudram.The Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra also comes from Rudram ( Tryambakam yajamahe... ) In fact,it is said that chanting the Sri Rudram once is equivalent to reading the Shiva Puranam 11 times ( tamil literature ).

Click here to learn more about the Sri Rudram

(2) Sivopasana Mantra

    - This is a vedic chant from Krishna Yajur Veda.Upasana means worship.Sivopasana is an offering of prayer to Lord Shiva.The Rudra Gayatri is derived from the Sivopasana Mantra

Click here to listen and learn the Sivopasana Mantra

(3)  Panchakshari Mantra

     - This is the well known mantra ' Om Namah Sivaya'.Japa can be done ( continuous chanting ).

Click here to know how to chant and the importance of this mantra

(4)  Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra

     - This is also the famous mantra that goes '' Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pustivardhanam urvaru kamiva bhandanan mrytyor mooskiya maamrtaat'' . 

Click here to listen to the mantra

(5) Rudra Gayatri Mantra

     - This is the Gayatri Mantra for Shiva / Rudra. It seeks Lord Rudra to enlighten us.

Click here to learn the mantra ( Skip to 2.15 minutes ) 

Wishing everyone a prosperous Mahasivarathri celebration. 

Please adhere to a spiritual lifestyle for maximum benefits.On that day,make sure to

(1) Keep spine erect and straight all the time.Keeping the spine straight itself is a powerful spiritual process 

(2) Watch diet and habits.Avoid too much eating and non-vegetarian food.Avoid too much talking.Be in meditativeness.

(3) Watch spiritual satsangs on Shiva,read Shiva stories,be prayerful in seeking for God-realisation / enlightenment.

Shiva does not denote a God only.Shiva refers to the state of enlightenment.The source ( GOD )is in all of us.All of us should aspire to be in the state of Shiva / God.

Shivoham Shivoham Shivoham !

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