Saturday 2 October 2021

Untold: Christian Inculturation Through Tamizh Shaivism in Malaysia

In my previous article, I wrote on how the anti-Hindus are pretending to be Shaivites to destroy the Vedic culture

If you analyze the modus operandi of certain organizations in Malaysia that claim to represent Shaivism, you can actually anticipate something sinister. I will present their scheme here

Step 1: Presenting themselves as Shiva-bhakta-s

They first announce themselves as Shiva devotees who venture the path of Shaivism. There is nothing fishy in the air yet. The public perceives them as regular Hindus who regard Lord Shiva as Supreme.

Step 2: Linking Tamizh sentiment to Shaivism

They link Tamizh sentiment to Shaivism. They give importance to the Thirumurai and Thirumantiram. They refer to the Nayanmars as their standard for authority. They emphasize bhakti through tamizh hymns as their prime form of worship.

Step 3: Using Tamizh sentiment to alienise Vedas and Agamas

They then play with the Tamizh sentiments and alienize the Vedas and Agamas. They start spewing hatred on Vaidika elements. The innocent Hindus fall prey to their fanaticism. After all, emotion blinds.

With fueled fanaticism, the Hindus remain oblivious to the fact that Vaidikam has always been an integral part of Tamizhakam. The Nayanmars who stand authority to Shaivam revered the Vedas. Rudra Pashupati Nayanmar recited the Yajur Veda. ThiruGyana Sambandhar was a brahmaNa himself.

ThiruGyaana Sambandhar, whose compositions fill volumes of Thirumurai belonged to the Kaundinya Gotra of Brahmana-s ( this is mentioned in the thirumurai itself ). He is an apt example of how the Brahmana-s were and are part of the Tamizh community.

The Thirumurai themselves regard Sambandhar as one who had mastery over the 4 Vedas,evidenced in the hymn : 

பார்மலிந்தோங்கிப் பருமதில்சூழ்ந்த பாம்புரநன்னக ராரைக்
கார்மலிந்தழகார் கழனிசூழ்மாடக் கழுமலமுதுபதிக் கவுணி
நார்மலிந்தோங்கு நான்மறைஞான சம்பந்தன்செந்தமிழ் வல்லார்
சீர்மலிந்தழகார் செல்வமதோங்கிச் சிவனடி நண்ணுவர்தாமே.

However, these facts are omitted by these self-styled Shaivism preachers. They paint a picture as though the ancient Tamizhs were haters of Vaidika. 

How can there be any trace of hatred in the Tamizh Shaivite who embodied devotion and defined love for Lord Shiva?

Those who have attended Tamizh school education would have studied well on Mahakavi Bharatiyar - who is a great Tamizh icon.

The image above: Original picture of Mahakavi Bharati. The contemporary drawings you find are anti-Hindu. Mahakavi is portrayed with an empty forehead today. If you look at the older paintings and the actual photos of him, his forehead was always adorned with tilak.

Mahakavi himself was born into an orthodox BrahmaNa family. His poems are rich with Hindu elements. Mahakavi himself revered the Vaidika tradition as his very breath.

Step 4: Demonising other Deities within the Pantheon

True Shaivism is not about rejecting other deities but rather perceiving them as an expansion of Shiva.

However, the self-styled Anti Hindus in Malaysia spread hatred in the name of Shaivism. They tell their followers to forego the worship of other deities. They back their stance with idiotic ideologies.

For example, they reject the Puranic explanation on the birth of Lord Ganesha. Not just that, they reduce the deities to mere abstract ideas.

They proclaim that Lord Ganesha is not even a deity but rather a symbol of 'a a beginning'. They reduce Navaratri to a 'tradition that celebrates valour'. They slowly eliminate the deity aspect of Hinduism and transform them into some idiotic motivational theme.

Whatever these fellas are doing in Malaysia is not in accordance to any bonafide Shaivite sampradaya.

Step 5: Attacking Kula Devata tradition and folk worship of Tamizhs

If you notice, their trend is to slowly eliminate all the deities who are part of the Tamizh culture - the deities who are found in Sangam literature.

The NGOs in Malaysia spend a lot of time hosting talks in temples all over the Peninsular under the banner of Shaivism. But rather than preaching on Shiva, they actually brainwash their audience to go against Kula Devata worship.


Attacking your kula devata is equivalent to attacking your tamizh identity and DNA. If you know your Kula Devata, you would be aware of the village from which your lineage originated. You will be able to trace the history of your ancestors back to 1000s of years.

When they make you drop your Kula Devata, your future generation will have no idea about your ancestral practices - which was actually rooted in Hinduism. They would not have any identity.

The Christian missionaries in India are actually trying hard to impose the idea that the ancient Tamizhs were pure Christians. They have even tried to Christianise the Thirukkural.

See, the greatest challenge for the missionaries is to convert Hindus who are holding on to their Kula Devata. Just run a survey on your own. You will realize that a tamizh who reveres his kula devata will not fall prey to conversion easily.

If you tell me that my ancestors were Christians, I would dismiss it as bullshit in a jiffy because I know my Kula Devata's identity. My ancestors have been worshiping my Kula Devata as per Hindu customs way before the birth of Christ. My Kula Devata temple is still standing strong - indicating that all my ancestors had been Hindus for thousands of years. You will not find any Abrahamic influence in my ancestral village.

So this is the fulcrum the missionaries want to destroy. That is why they first demonize the other Vedic deities before condemning the Kula Devata worship so that their agenda does not appear too obvious. You would buy their words when they talk about making people worship Shiva alone.

In tandem with this, they insult folk worship. These NGOs in Malaysia brand folk deities and the folk tradition as barbaric worship. These deities are mentioned in Sangam literature where Jesus is absent. This makes conversion difficult. So they want to destroy your roots. They want to destroy anything that is time-tested.

When you stop worshiping the deities your ancestors revered for ages, things will be very much easy for them.

Video above: Sathiyavel Muruganar, pretends to represent Shaivism in India. He used to demean the Vedas. Today, he declares that Jesus is Tamizh. This is the same fella who initiated 'tamizh weddings' by opposing the use of Vedas and Agamas.

Like using diamonds to destroy diamonds, these funded missionaries use Tamizh sentiments to destroy the Tamizh culture.

Step 6 : Using DMK politics to instigate caste discrimination

The NGOs that represent Shaivam in Malaysia have elements of DMK and Periyarism to them.

They claim that the Brahmana-s invaded Tamizhakam and pushed the 'Tamizhs' away to the slums. There is no evidence of this, but these are lines that act as strings to puppet the heart of Tamizhs.

Innocent devotees buy every word these NGOs spew because they believe these NGOs represent Shaivam. Believe it or not, there is an audience that claps to a representative of Shaivism in Malaysia who declares that Saint Manickavachakar speaks through him...

In addition, they say that the Brahmana-s monopolized temples and worship.

Foremostly, the Brahmana-s themselves are part of Tamizh culture. They are not aliens. As mentioned earlier, Sambandhar was a Brahmana himself. The Brahmana-s, even today, have Kula Devata temples which are run and managed by non-brahmaNa priests.

These people were referred to as Brahmanas because they lived their lives teaching and practicing the Vedas. The science of temple worship lies in the Agamas which has to be mastered through study.

Similarly, the Brahmanas did not rule kingdoms. This was done by the Kshatriya-s who were kings.

The Varna system was simply based on the dharma everyone stood and represented for. There was no discrimination.

Image above : Karunanidhi yanking the Yajnopaveeta - to instigate hatred towards Brahmanas in the name of 'tamizh movement'.The yajnopaveeta was actually used by everyone and not just the brahmaNa-s.

Just remember that Karunanidhi remained silent when the Tamizhs were butchered in Shri Lanka.He was too busy imposing Periyarism in Tamizhakam.

DMK sowed the seeds of hatred towards Vaidikam in Tamizh Nadu.These saplings are incorporated within these Malaysian NGOs.

If you notice their speech in temples,rather than inspiring devotion towards Paramashiva,they spew hatred towards Vaidikam. They advise their followers to avoid conducting Yaga-s or even going to temples. In short, they want Shaivites in Malaysia to do nothing other than singing hymns.

They condemn caste elements in the name of equality and ask their followers to remove their surname and clan identity.


Clan identity is similar to Kula Devata identity. Apply the explanation I gave for kula devata worship and you will have your answer.

Step 7 : Stripping Shiva worship away to introduce Christ

The Shaivism representatives upon destroying everything Hindu will have a flock of Indians who have no identity. They won't know their family name, their ancestral history, their village of origin in India, their kula devata, etc. They are alienised from the Yaaga and temple worship their own ancestors followed. They no longer celebrate folk deities during estate thiruvizhas. Their only resort is excerpts from the thirumurai.

The very Shaivite representatives will then demonize the tamizh literature. This is bound to happen because the thirumantiram is rich with Vedic elements, which the Shaivite claiming anti-Hindus have spent their lifetime destroying.

They then point out these tamizh scriptures to be flawed. They strip the last piece of loin-cloth from their victims and introduce a blanket called Christ.

They will start linking 'Shiva' with Christ.

This has already happened in India, with the introduction of 'Yeshu Linga'. Christians in India are claiming that Lord Shiva is actually Christ.

Some days back, we were having a series of heated arguments with supporters of Tamizh Shaivism of Malaysia.

The crux of the argument was the presentation of references from thirumantiram and thirumurai which celebrates sanskrit,vedas,agamas and vaidika rites like yaaga which are verily insulted and demeaned by the shaivite NGOs.

The response from the anti-vedic party  :

They show no shame in calling the profound Thirumantiram as an 'adulterated' text just because it reveres vaidika rituals. This shows how they are ready to demonize the very texts they use to represent Shaivism without guilt.

At one point, one of the supporters got so cornered that he expressed the reality from heart - as you can see in the image below :

Fun fact : the person who typed the response as shown in image above is a 'Shaiva Siddhantam teacher' in Malaysia. He has openly criticized the Nayanmars and even labeled them as 'those who have been deceived or remained 'stupid'.

As you can see, it is evident how certain NGOs in Malaysia that claim to represent Shaivam are purely anti-hindu.They are not Shaivites.Their agitation is simply a reaction to the exposure of their hidden agenda.

Shaivism does not promote hatred !

Please learn Shaivism from a proper Guru Parampara and bonafide sampradaya. The jokers in Malaysia preach their self-styled 'Tamizh Shaivam' and are not in accordance to any lineage.

Their sole aim is to strip everything you have to identify yourself as Hindu. Their agenda will take a few generations more to fully bloom. By then, it will be too late when the damage is beyond repair.

You may discard this article as an extrapolated prediction but remember,you have been already warned.



  1. This is so true...I once attended Ayya Darmalingam N.A talk in a temple.He was asking us to leave kula deivam and kaval deivam worship.Many people there believed him and started looking down on kula deivam..
    Now only I got to know his hidden motif

  2. Once I signed up for His Saivam siddhandam class.I was told by his team to remove my sirname because they say if u follow tamilar saivam u cannot have jati,caste,family name,cannot follow kula deivam,gotra or patta peyar.. the reason is because all of us are equal and one under sivan.they said we cannot have any title to our name to show our pride.

    So i just asked one question : then why does mr darmalingam go around calling himself 'thirumurai chemal' ? is that not a title ? is he more special to sivan than all of us ?

    later they just blocked me .

    they are just ajaran sesat

  3. Truth and very detailed exposure of these people. They just target our Rich Culture, Belief and our faith. Everyone should be aware and need to be very careful regarding these types of mafia in the name of spirituality

  4. Corinthians 8:6
    yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.

    Your Gods are false, deaf and blind. Repent.

    1. If you're going to quote your own religion's texts to show your god is "superior" then what is the point of arguing with people of a different religion? If you could quote a Vaidika verse denoting Christ is supreme (which will happen when pigs fly), then maybe I would pay some heed to your baseless argument.

      In other words, kindly shut up :D