Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Shani is NOT Shanishwara

Lord Shani ( Saturn ) is interestingly coined under a styled suffix Ishvara - making Him 'Shanishvara' which finds no reference in any text

Origin of Misnomer 

Lord Shani is also known as Shanaishchara,meaning one who moves slowly.It finds reference in the Navagraha Suktam of Rig and Yajur Veda.

A verse from Navagraha Suktam on Lord Shanaishchara ( Saturn )

Translation :

Our salutations to Lord Shanaishchara ( Saturn ) who fulfils our wishes like water,which endows on us bliss. ( Water here can refer to the essence of life.Water is often symbolically found in the Vedas to denote abstract philosophies)

The Atharva Veda interestingly begins with this verse.

Perhaps , Shanaishchara slowly got corrupted to Shanishvara.

Saturday is also referred to as Shanivara.Shanishvara could also be a corrupted version of Shanivara.

Damage beyond repair

The usage of the misnomer Shanishvara has become too strong within the norm.It is perhaps too late to rectify the term when they stand scripted in places of worship and laymen conversation.

 Navagraha Suktam recitation by Puttaparthi students

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