Tuesday 21 January 2020

Shani is NOT Shanishwara | Difference Between Shani and Shanishwa

Lord Shani ( Saturn ) is interestingly coined under a styled suffix Ishvara - making Him 'Shanishvara' which finds no reference in any text

Origin of Misnomer 

Lord Shani is also known as Shanaishchara, meaning one who moves slowly. The Navagraha Sukta is a compilation of verses from various parts of the Yajur and Rig Veda. The verses are picked based on the Adhi and Pratyadhi Devatas for a particular graha. 

A verse from Navagraha Suktam used for Lord Shani.

 We end this stanza by offering our namaha to Lord Shani, referring to him as 'Shanishchara' and not Shanishwara. This ending verse is of course not part of the Vedas but nevertheless, it shows that traditionally, Shani is referred to as Shanaischara only.

Perhaps, Shanaishchara slowly got corrupted by Shanishvara.

Saturday is also referred to as Shanivara. Shanishvara could also be a corrupted version of Shanivara.

Shanishwara Is Shiva?

The literal meaning for Shanishwara is 'the lord of Shani'. So it refers to 'that' which governs Shani. In that case, it can only refer to the absolute Brahman and that is Shiva for Shaivites, Narayana for Vaishnavites, Ganapati for Ganapatyas, Surya for Sauras, Kartikeya for Kaumaras and Devi for Shaktas.

 The ruler for Shani cannot be Shani, unless you are viewing Shani as an embodiment of absolute consciousness too, as an advaitist.
Damage beyond repair

The usage of the misnomer Shanishvara has become too strong within the norm. It is perhaps too late to rectify the term when they stand scripted in places of worship and laymen conversation.

Video: Navagraha Suktam by my Whatsapp Veda Learner Shravanthi. You can find the mantra relating to Shanaischara here.


  1. This post is incorrect. My friend if you go through the story of Shani prabhav on Raja Vikrama, Shani Dev appears in front of Raja vikrama at the end of his sade sathi and Shani Dev appeared with the trishula in his hand hence he is referred as Shanieeshwara. Trishula being lord Shiva weapon. Please do proper research before posting anything incorrectly, especially when it comes to our ancient texts.

    1. Shani Prabhav is does not come under any Pramana of Hinduism. Please quote proper scripture and give the Pramana, not some harikatha.

    2. No praman for this. Shanaishcharan is the correct name. Shani is one of the bhoota gana of shiva. As pointed out above the grammar itself does not justify the "ishwara" suffix in the name. shanaihi means slow and charaha means moving. shani is the slowest among the grahas to orbit the sun. As simple as that.