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Kupang Mariamman,Kedah # Mystical Temples of Malaysia

Kupang Mariamman,the only temple in the district.
Kupang,a hamlet within the Baling district of Kedah,houses a minimal population of Malaysians of the Indian ethnicity.

It was around September 2017 when the vibes of Shakti in tandem to Navaratri celebration was at peak.I got a call to what was then an unknown place called 'Kupang'.I was requested to recite Vedas in a Mariamman temple for their Navaratri event.

I willingly agreed and broke up with my Saturday morning slumber to head off to this place with my sole companion during long drives - the GPS equipped Waze app.

Video : Route to Kupang Mariamman Temple

The distance displayed was close to 100 km and my excitement to venture this new temple was heightened by the mind-blowing scenery along the drive.

The dense nature-rich environment and the mist-shrouded atmosphere appeared bliss incarnate.

Signboards displayed names out of my vocabulary. At some moment I actually felt out of Malaysia, perhaps Indonesia

Kupang, a world of its own
The path is so rural that I actually got lost at some point of time. To add salt to the wound, there was no signal coverage for phone calls. Some kind gestures from the locals helped me to some extent.

Video: If you see this roundabout, you are in the right direction. The first time I encountered it, I thought I entered Dr. Strange's portal to a market in Thailand. There were small pre-independence styled stalls encircling the entire perimeter of the roundabout - something I have never seen elsewhere 

At last,I received an updated location when my cell managed to tap signal which finally led me to the temple. I was late but Her grace somehow reserved a huge portion for me to exhibit some service.

Sep 2017
It was a good day and like any other event, I headed back once done. However,I intuitively sensed something extraordinary about this temple. I did not take it seriously until the inner feeling started to voice out louder than usual. There was something so mystical about this temple that rendered me restless.

Distance was a hindrance for me to revisit the temple as desired.I attempted to ask around regarding the possible mystical history of this temple and as expected,this temple was out of the dictionary of many.

I knew the answer could only be obtained should I revisit the temple and spend some time contemplating and experiencing oneness with the vibe there.It took me almost a year when the situation was actually favourable for a revisit.

I did the necessary and what I learnt was mind-blowing.

My opinion in a nutshell :

' This is one of the most mystical temples of Malaysia '

I made another trip with some friends in hope to explore deeper dimensions of the temple.

Some things are best to be experienced rather than pouring them as words here, so I rather not write.

Note that it is not easy to reach this temple. The deity's grace is selective and there are many who failed to even locate or reach this temple despite good guide. It is best that you seek with a heart full of love enveloped with devotion if you want to even have a physical sighting of this temple.

This is what we would refer to as a 'calling temple' and just consider yourself extremely blessed if you step into the temple. I'm not exaggerating.

Besides a deep sense of devotion, the locals have a great degree of hospitality. I was touched by it - something which ain't so common in the urban KL.

There are many prominent figures in Malaysia who frequently visit this temple as well - for reasons only they know.

Kupang Thiruvilla 2019 - inclusive of Abhisheka

If you happen to visit this place, spend time in silence and be in a meditative state. Do your personal sadhana and experience the magic your own.

The deity's nature may shock you. There are deeper dimensions to the temple than what your naked eyes perceive. When I say deep, I mean real deep.

Temple location @ google map :

Landmark : Chinese cemetery adjacent to the trunk road which splits into a tiny pathway to the temple.

Video : Pathway where the trunk road subdivides,leading to the temple

Line of sight

Take note of the bar in the Thiruvachi.It is utilised during alankaram and is an ancient relic.Modern designs are no more done this way

Happy Seeking

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  1. Hi Dr Vinnith, thanks for this post. This temple felt like a mini Kamakhya Mandir, similar vibes. Just as how the Mouna Siddha Samadhi in Penang gave me the same vibes I felt in Virupaksha Cave on Arunachala Hill.

    I have a question regarding Shakthi Sadhana which I hope you can shed some light. If someone was performing Anusthan of Navarna mantra and wanted to do japa in a temple, would it be ok to perform it in any Shakthi temple, like Mariamman/ Kali/ Nagamma, or would it be best to limit it to a dedicated Durga temple? Is there a specific temple you would recommend for Navarna mantra japa?

    Thank you