Tuesday 26 March 2019

Bukit Selarong Karumariamman # Mystical Temples of Malaysia

The rural landscapes that branch the surface of this nation is synonymous with mysticism.Every state in Malaysia still preserves the aura of its ancient folklore which would raise anyone's brows and even send a chilly impulse down the spine.

 Bukit Selarong Karumariamman Temple 

This mystical temple came into my knowledge a couple of years back thanks to my routine drive to Kulim from Sungai Petani with my colleagues.We were attached to the Kulim General Hospital and we made trips there occasionally.

We traversed through the old road instead of the highway.The typical pre-developmental trunk road that connects Sungai Petani to Kulim is sandwiched by palm oil estates and kampungs ( and a legendary  Buraq Oil station )

Video : A drive through the old road.

A giant yellow signboard stands as a landmark to this temple.I had always wanted to visit this temple and the opportunity only arose 2 years later - which meant last month.

 You are required to drive into the estate until a gargantuan fig tree ( alamaramஆலமரம் ) comes to sight.

This tree is so gigantic it could pierce the skies

This tree houses a shrine for Renuka Devi and a Muni.

The environment is also a habitat to little Marutis and we had a good time appeasing their appetite.

They were very decent and well-behaved
 The Renuka Devi shrine is highly vibrative

Posterior aspect of tree - Muni

Anterior aspect - Renuka Devi

 A Raja Naga Devata is said to reside within this tree.

 The temple infrastructure is about 100 metres from the tree,with Karumariamman Devi as its presiding deity.Other co-deities include Narayana,Hanuman,Naga-devata,Shiva linga and Bhadrakali.

Take note of the Hall-like structure of the temple

Vintage yo !

 Some images I took from Facebook uploads ( credits to uploader - Mohan )

Location can be waze(d).Search Bukit Selarong Dewi Sri Karumariamman Temple

*My advice would be to visit ( if you intend to ) this temple with a group.Try contacting an acquaintance or friend who resides in Kulim.They would be able to guide you better*


  1. Which department in kulim u were attach to ?

    1. Surgery , Paediatrics , Orthopaedics , Obstetrics and gynae , Internal medicine - can't remember ..

      One of my fav hospitals

  2. My home town...i study sjkt bukit selaroong..from 1981 i usually going this temple...that time totally different the temple..

  3. I miss such inner place temple indeed power. From city singapore seeing this kedah temple felt i am already there. Tq for posting eill plan 1 day

  4. My visiting temple every time.

  5. I will be posting more articles under the umbrella of mystical Malaysian temples.Stay tuned.