Sunday 15 October 2017

Reviving Legends

 This post is on legends and heroes whose tales are on the verge of dying from memories of fellow men.

  There were some stories apparently from history told by my father some time back. that I could not find reference elsewhere.I shall list them here.I do not have evidence for these stories,but let's keep them alive should they be authentic. 

1. The Doctor who revived the dead

     This was narrated by my father's professor,around 1970s.There lived a doctor somewhere in ( Greece ? If I am not wrong ) who had mastery over the art of reviving the dead.However,the public saw him as a wizard and killed him.Over time,death-rate increased in the population with uncontrolled disease spread.That was when they started appreciating the doctor's skills.They erected a temple for him and worshiped him there,with remorse.

   There were and are many yogis in India who can do this by means of yogic powers.However, having someone out of India at that time ( ancient perhaps ) was something commendable. I have no further knowledge about this incidence.Perhaps,I wish someone ,somewhere in this globe has.

2. The Indonesian King , bled by blood.

   Also narrated by father.Not sure of the source.. but here is what I can recall 
There was a king in Indonesia,who was born with a beard.He was extraordinary and interestingly - invincible.He was resistant to death.He was a strict vegetarian.The invaders could not overcome him to conquer his territory.Hence,they sought cheap-trickery.The king's invincibility could be broken only by having him contact with blood. 

 The invaders resorted to the king's cook so she could spike some blood drops into the king's meal.The cook however mentioned that the king was to be as sharp as a tack to the slightest presence of blood - adding to his attribute of strict vegetarianism.

 So this is what these cheap folks did.They shot the king's young daughter who was playing outdoors.Upon sighting this,the king rushed to aid.Ultimately,he was stained by his daughter's blood,which thus perished his invincibility.The invaders took advantage of the emotional play and killed the king with gunshots at once...

  These stories had been engraved in me quite deeply.Despite knowing their whereabouts,these two heroes remain close to my heart.


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