Wednesday 5 July 2017

Transform your body into temple

This article is on a simple yet powerful practice.It is capable of transforming yourself into a walking temple - a dynamo of powerful spiritual energy.

The pros of this practice is that : - 

(1) You can do it anywhere irrespective of time and place.

(2) It is very simple and convenient to conduct
(3) Instantaneous results
(4) You start living as a powerful force, benefitting yourself and those around you

So this is how you do it.

All you have to do is visualise a form in your chest area - as shown in the picture above.This is the spiritual heart ( hrdaya which is often mentioned in scriptures , not the anatomical heart. )

The form that you visualise is anything that you see as divine

Precisely, fill in that space with the favourite image of what you see as God or cosmos. It could be your favourite deity such as Shiva,a guru,a symbol such as a linga, or basically anything that you have established as divine.


Choose the favourite picture of this divine entity.It could be a form that you adore.It could be that of head to toe, face alone, an insignia such as a trident .. or anything that links to the entity in the form you adore most.

Do this as frequently as possible.Try your best to make the visualisation or picture as vivid ( real ) as possible.Believe that as you imagine,the deity or form is already sitting in your spiritual heart !

You can strenghten this visualisation with any form of prayer you like as well.Instil in your mind that the entity has permanently resided in your spiritual heart.Get this rooted deeply into your consciousness. 

Practice this and the results are for you to experience and share.

Why the chest region ? 

So why do we use this region around the chest ? The Vedas describe this as the place where pure consciousness is centred or concentrated. In simpler terms,you can say that this is where the atma ( soul ) is centred. The Narayana Suktam accurately describes this as displayed below :

The Narayana Suktam of Yajur Veda that expounds on meditation describes the location of pure consciousness in a human being.This pure consciousness is non-other than God or the supreme intelligence of the universe.

So this is the place you utilise to empower your spiritual potent.And this given method is perhaps the simplest way.

Lord Hanuman demonstrates the supreme consciousness in the form of Rama-Sita , seated in His Hrdaya ( spiritual heart ) . 

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