Thursday 2 February 2017

The Unknown Power of Bhajans

  Bhajans form a crucial component of many religious and spiritual groups,foundations,organisations and so forth.
The quintessence of Bhajans and events parallel to it such as Sangkirtanam ( Congregational singing of bhajans ) is the action of interlocking the five senses into pouring out devotion to God via divine songs accompanied by musical instruments,gestures and even dance which is done in a group.The songs often glorify the various divine names of the Almighty and plays the rhythmic repetition of divine names in a musically hypnotising manner.

These events take place in other forms such as nagar-sankirtan - whereby devotees march and dance in the streets - singing the glory of God,thereby purifying the entire aura of a village or town with the vibrations of the divine.

 Another interesting form is that of Akhanda Bhajan-where bhajans are done without break for 24 hours.Spiritual centres that hold this remain vigil for an entire day.

 There is not much need to emphasise on the introduction of Bhajans as many are familiar with it.

 However,unfortunately, myriad of people have a distorted or corrupted view towards Bhajans.This powerful practice  is even made a mockery in Indian movies.So called comedians give cheap remarks synonymous, if not in verbatim to the quotes below :

'' I am afterall a Bhajana party...''
'' Kadhal ( love ) Bhajan            ''
'' Ratri   ( night ) Bhajan            ''

  As if this ain't enough,we have moronic choreographers who portray unsightly dances of our famous drunkard 'heroes' singing in streets,accompanied by singers clad in holy symbols.Because you see,we lack drunkard Indians in the planet-and we need to encourage the young and apply it to normalcy.

  Drunk hero and friends dance and sing with a sangkirtan group.The irony of 'Indian' cinema

  Hence,these 'Indian' cinema business powers have much insulted and displayed an ugly view on singing the glory of the Lord - which has been indeed a tradition of  the ancestors of our Indian audience ( oops.... I forgot that tradition meant only Jallikathu.. my bad )... no not Indians,I revoke.The right term is Bharateeyas.. the residents of the great Bharata-now reduced to India housing pests like these Indian cinema business powers.

  Right,this and various other minor factors has deeply enrooted the idea in many that bhajans are a low form of practice - suitable for the handicapped.
Many even claim that bhajans are a slow-path to experiencing god-realisation and such.Others even put other spiritual sadhanas above bhajan.They ask ,' what are bhajans in comparison to practices of hatha yoga,pranayama,chakra awakening,meditating,tratak and so on ? 

    Bhajans may look simple but it does tremendous wonders.Do not perceive anything just by logic.Let us dive in :

1. Bhajans are a superpower karma buster.  

    Sitting with a group and singing out your heart , pouring your devotion to God is simple-yet explosive.Emotion is an extremely powerful tool.The whole world can be controlled by emotion.It can make you cry,smile,laugh and even take over your very life.Such a tremendous gift,used into concentrating our entire life energies and senses towards the supreme,infuses us with indescribable divine energy- which destroys a whole lot of karma,negativities and blockades in you.Bhajans are capable of bursting much more density of doshas,sins,karmas,negativity or whatever you call them than if you light up lamps for the planetary deities.Yes.It is true.


2. Bhajans put you in a meditative state.You simply meditate !

   If you cannot meditate by sitting still .. or if you simply find it boring,jump into bhajans.You achieve it in a joyful manner.As stated,you put in your entire attention towards the Lord.All your senses are also directed towards the divine.When you clap hands while singing,you subconsciously block other thoughts from occupying your mind.Each subsequent clap halts the entry of random thoughts.As your mouth sings the glory of the lord,your mind is again subconsciously geared into remembering the lord only.Without even you realising,you slip into a blissful meditative state.The beauty here is = you achieve the prime goal of meditativeness - which is being in meditation without even you knowing you are 'meditating'.

3. Bhajans churn the divine energy and infuse you with it

   When you dance,actively play instruments or simply clap with intensity during bhajans, you churn the divine energy which is getting saturated in you.In other words,you are digesting the divine energy which has built up within you - before it gets wasted or dissipated in some other form.It's like breaking down a large chunk of food with your teeth ( mechanical digestion ) so that absorption in the gut is facilitated.This is why many devotees who casually start dancing with the flow of bhajans start getting very intense and wild - sometimes dancing out of their control ! It is a way of catalysing the divine energy.And when this happens,divine consciousness spikes.Those who cannot adapt to this sudden rise - go into trance.

  4. Bhajans purify the atmosphere-a service to render

 What bliss is there in bhajans! What a demonstration of oneness is it when a myriad throats join in uttering the name of God! The vibrations emanating from them make the heart vibrant. If you sing alone in your shrine, the vibrations return to you as a reaction. But in community singing, what you have is not a reaction but a wave of vibrations. They enter into the atmosphere and purify the polluted air. The atmosphere today is polluted by bad thoughts and feelings. When you sing the glory of God, the bad germs in the air are destroyed and the air gets purified by a treatment of anti-biotics, as it were.  (Sai Baba, Jan. 1995, 26)  

 In a nutshell,do not feel ashamed to sing the glory of God in a crowd.You do not need to know the science of devotion and bhajans.You do not need to know your spiritual level or closeness to enlightenment.You need not know your sins and virtues.Just involve and sing out loud.Throw yourself to the ultimate with bhajans.Once you have rendered yourself empty and devoid of self-identity,God flows into you.Your body,mind and system is now a tool for the divine to manifest.

 This is the beauty of Bhajans - which implements devotion- the  sweetest and pleasantest way to Godhood.

  It is beautifully put that - ' devotion is the sweetest experience that even God yearns to experience

   However,on the contemporary,it is difficult for people to even have love for God- then how would they amplify this love through bhajans ? Because remember- Bhajan without love is futile ! Whatever has been expressed in this article works with only total involvement and love.

                      Keep chasing.....

So how to invoke love ? simply surrender.Think of Him until He overflows you with love.Don't leave Him.God can be a naughty child.Chase ( Think of.. ) Him till He has no choice left...

                    Till He has no way out  !


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