Tuesday, 28 January 2014

JAPA MEDITATION - Get connected to God Easily

Japa meditation is a very powerful and extremely easy practice that can get you soaked in divine energy and get connected to your favourite deity / God or very quickly.

 Japa meditation is done by merging chanting and visualisation ( strong imagination - mental picture ) together.In this meditation,you don't have to worry about stopping your mind from engaging in thoughts. ( We know it is hard to be thoughtless ).Instead we give the mind a form.Once the mind concentrates on the form,no other thought comes !

 This form is of your favourite deity or to anything you refer as Divine or God.It could be Lord Shiva,Lord Krishna,Mother Durga,Lord Vishnu,Lord Ganesha etc.Anything ! Whichever you like.

 While visualising ( having the deity form in your mind) , your mouth does the chant.You can chant the mantra related to the deity.

Japa meditation is done usually by chanting the Moola mantra ( Root Mantra ) or Gayatri Mantra of the specific deity.

Moola mantra refers to the root mantra of the deity.Gayatri Mantra on the other hand refers to the mantra that seeks the deity to enlighten us.

For example : 

   Let us take Lord Shiva.

The moola mantra here would be 'Om Namah Sivaya' 

The Gayatri for Lord Shiva will be 

' Tat purushaya vidmahe Mahadevaaya Dheemahi Tanno Rudra Prachodayaat ' 

In Gayatri Mantras,no matter what deity is referred to ,three aspects remain constant ie :

(1) Knowledge - may we get knowledge about the deity ( Vidmahe)

(2) Meditation on the deity ( Dheemahi )
(3) Illumination or seeking enlightenment  ( Prachodayaat )

''The general Gayatri Mantra '' Om Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyoyona Prachodayat'' is known as the Panchaksari Gayatri Mantra.You can do japa with this mantra also.The Panchakshari Gayatri Mantra represents ALL GODS and is the mother of the Vedas''

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( Click here to learn Sarva Devata Gayatri , the compilation of Gayatri Mantras for different deities ) 

 Points to note while chanting : 

 While chanting with closed eyes,you very well can move your attention to the point between your eyebrows  ( The third eye chakra ) as shown in picture below : 

               - Gently gaze towards the centre of the eyebrows.

                  If this causes pain,avoid doing or do it as  gently
                  as possible 

 - Please keep the backbone ( spine ) erect and straight.Strictly no moving body or swaying sideways.Divine vibrations run along the spine and movement will distort this flow

- You can use a japa mala such as a rudraksha mala or tulasi mala

- Watch your daily routine.Eat sattvik vegetarian based food,don't engage in too much talk and have pure habits.These basic practices will enhance your progress and effectiveness in Japa Meditation.

- While doing Japa Meditation,if the mind still wanders,shift the concentration between the mantra and the form.If you get strained or tired of concentrating on the form,direct your focus towards the sound of the mantra - keep cycling between this two if focusing on both is difficult.
Enjoy :) 

There are many websites that list the moola mantra of different deities.Just google them.However,make sure that they are authentic.Or get it from an established guru or priest.
And follow the rules carefully.

For any help or enquiries,email to mayiliragai@gmail.com.