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Nithyananda & Dalai Lama : Shocking Similarity in Pattern of Persecution by Deep State

Since time immemorial,the globe has witnessed countless masters who have assumed a body to sow the seed of spirituality on the planet.These seeds sprouted into a structural tradition purposed to preserve an enlightenment ecosystem for eternity.

These ecosystems were secured and safeguarded to preserve its authenticity and to allow the continuous flow of the science of consciousness evolvement throughout generations without the slightest pollution or distortion

You must be aware of the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in which Dalai Lama belongs to.

This enlightenment ecosystem which is based on Tibetan Buddhism initiated from Gedun Drupa - the first Dalai Lama.

There have been 14 recognised Dalai Lama-s.As per this ecosystem,every Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of the previous one.They are cognised to be the avatar of Avalokiteshvara.In other words,the same master chooses to reincarnate in the planet again and again to lead the tradition in order to preserve it.

Image : Lord Avalokiteshvara

Traditionally,it was the responsibility of the Tibetan government to assist the High Lamas of the ecosystem to recognise the newborn Dalai Lama.This was a very rigid process.In no instance can they afford to put a clown in the place of the Dalai Lama.

Image : Tenzin Gyatso,the current body used by the master.This is the image of him as a child upon recognition.They presented the items used by the previous Dalai Lama to this child who immediately proclaimed in verbatim , ''It is mine ! It is mine ! ''

In the 1950s,China attempted to bring Tibet under its control.The Dalai Lama had to leave Tibet with thousands of followers to stay in India.The Dalai Lama had to recreate the ecosystem in India with his followers.

in 2007,the Chinese Bureau made a rule that the Buddhist temples in Tibet have to make an application before being allowed to recognise the reincarnated Dalai Lama.

This is literal persecution that has an underlying motive of destroying the enlightenment ecosystem in Tibet.This is the reason why the contemporary Dalai Lama has declared not to take a rebirth in Tibet,which is under the control of an Asuric force.

Did you know ? 

The holy land of Bharata is a hub for millions of enlightenment ecosystems.If China under the influence of asuric force can bring so much threat to a single enlightenment ecosystem in Tibet,it is absurd to think that the parties in control of India are pro-enlightenment.

For ages,they have been trying to eliminate Hinduism - the umbrella term for the compound of ecosystems founded in Bharata.

The Hindu ecosystem too - has a rigid structure we refer to as sampradaya-s.

The reason why the anti-Hindu ideology is rampant in Tamizhakam is because this geographical region serves as a powerful hub to incubate the enlightened masters who reincarnate on this planet to preserve the ecosystems.

Just look at the history of every Hindu guru who leads a sampradaya in India,especially Tamizh Nadu - none of them are spared from accusations and persecutions.

The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam chose to incarnate in the great Hub of Arunachala - the very abode of Paramashiva.Mount Arunachala,the very embodiment of Paramashiva has mothered countless avatars and ascended beings to prepare them in their mission on this planet.

The great master - Ramana Maharshi in His early days,being mothered by the very ambence of Arunachala,whom He became synonymous with.

Image : Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba, Who upon declaration of His avatarhood,sang a bhajan on Arunachala with the verse ' Arunachala Shiva,Arunachala Shiva ...'

The hub which nurtures the enlightened masters in Bharata is too vast  beyond the reach of anyone who wants to destroy it.This simply means that the mission of establishing or rejuvenating an enlightenment ecosystem is inevitable.

So this is how the anti Hindu forces do it - taint the ecosystem once established and render it useless.It is like showing the reflection of the moon upon a glass of alcohol to degrade the image of the moon to the public.

This is the exact dirty tactic they had been using for all masters - Asaram Bapu,Osho,Swami Premananda etc

Correlation in Recognising the SPH and Dalai Lama

The Tibetan method of identifying the incarnate actually comes from Hinduism.Let us look at the life of the SPH Himself.

(1) In Hinduism,we have the tradition of Nadi reading,in which palm leaves are used to reflect the Akashik Records.

This is an image of a portion of what was revealed in the nadi :

You can find the complete nadi here

(2) Poondi Mahan was a great enlightened master.He was the master who initiated the biological mother of the SPH ( Ma Lokanayaki ) such that her womb was prepared to nurture the avatar's body.

He blessed Ma Lokanayaki and declared ,''ammaiyappannaai pirappen'' ( Paramashiva Himself will be born to her as the divine parents of the cosmos )

Image : Poondi Mahant

(3) The Rudraksha test : Similar to the Dalai Lama,the SPH in His childhood was presented with several items as a test.He immediately chose the rudraksha - thus proving inclination towards divinity.

(4) Declaration by previous masters :- Ramana Maharishi Himself had foretold the event of SPH's avatarhood.When the biological father of the SPH,Raju Mudaliar visited Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi,he was blessed with a declaration that Arunchala Himself would be part of his family.

Image : The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam with His guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar received initiation from Ramana Maharishi.Upon His samadhi in 2002,Yogi Ramsuratkumar announced the SPH as the next incarnation in the sampradaya ( lineage ).

The genesis of identifying an incarnation is rooted in the Hindu culture - which got mapped to other cultures of the world including the Tibetan.

When Hindu Awakening sparked fire in Tamizhakam

The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam spread Hinduism like wildfire in Tamizhakam back in the early 2000s.It was a very subtle yet powerful awakening.

The Tamizh Nadu government which has been anti-hindu for a long period noticed this.

Do not assume that the anti-Hindu forces do their persecutions impromptu; they actually plan in detail.

If you look at history,the asuric forces always implement divine intelligence to execute their dirty plans.I will show you what I can cognise : 

(1) Bhandasura used the japa of Rudram to attain power over the worlds,for which Lalita Devi had to assume to vanquish him.

(2) The Vedas,when recited with proper svaras give the intended effect.However,the asuric mind manipulates the svaras to give a destructive effect.This was the basis of Mahabharata war where the asuric personalities started misusing the Veda mantras with their astras to destroy the planet.Lord Krishna had to happen to prevent this.

(3) Today,the asuric forces have adopted the art of working through subtle ways - which has been the way of masters.If you look at the way enlightened masters function - it is very subtle,and that is what makes it extremely powerful.

The Tamizh Nadu government first went all out to bring media under their control.Controlling the media literally translates to controlling the people - and this effect is enhanced in the case of Tamizh people who have a peculiar obsession with media.

They then influenced the Tamizhs to hate any language which is not tamizh.This movement was not just a fanatical movement as perceived on the surface.The subtle truth is below the tip of the iceberg.

This actually kept the population as frogs in the well.Without knowing Hindi or English,they could not gain access to external news or media.Their world revolved upon what the local media spewed.This was the powerful technique - subtle in nature which fell at the blindspot of most people.

As you can see,they used media as the sole resort to tarnish the image of the SPH Nithyananda Paramshivam.Countless accusations and character assasination.By character assasination,I am not referring to the glaring headlines in the newspaper which ridicules the SPH.Again,let us analyse the subtle part.

Let me give you an example :

The person in the pic above is Julie - who became a media sensation for her protest towards Jallikatthu ban in 2017.She became an icon of inspiration for the whole of Tamizhakam.She even set the trend of activism in youngsters,which shook the government.

Shortly after this incident,Julie was appointed as a participant in the reality show - BigBoss.

She was heavily trolled and character assasinated throughout the show.The Tamizh population worldwide judged her life and character based on the few hand-picked clips the media chose to telecast over 6 months.

Just try googling 'Jallikatthu Julie' today - you will find nothing more than trolls and memes on her.

The idea here is not to tarnish Julie or to entertain the public.Their motive is to turn the entire Jallikatthu ban protest into a joke.The whole movement's mascot was actually Julie at one point of time.Turning her into a joke was the direct way to destroy the sincerity and success of the entire movement.

In future,if any youth stands up for their tradition,a parallel will be drawn to Julie.

Subtle - yet powerful.

Now simply google search ' Swami Nithyananda'.. I don't have to elaborate anything further.

Image : As the SPH kept growing,the Sun TV network decided to create a morphed obscene video,which is today proven fake.Their idea is not to hate 'Nithyananda' but rather collapse Hinduism by tarnishing Nithyananda who was the only non-secular Hindu Guru in India who openly promoted authentic Hinduism.

What the media didin't tell you

Like Dalai Lama,the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam was recognised and elected to head various monasteries of Hinduism which were centralised on a sampradaya.

Since 1925,the Indian State governments have been poking their itchy nose into these sampradayas.Similar to China,they want to determine the Gurumahasannidhanam ( reincarnated master ),without any respect to the tradition.

Go do your research - The SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam was officially appointed as the 293rd pontiff of Madurai Aadhenam.The DMK party then interferred and illegally removed Him and appointed a proxy who could stay loyal to their puppet string.

As mentioned earlier - the enlightenment ecosystem has a very rigid structure and they do not appoint their leader like picking sweets.We saw this in the Tibetan culture too.In that instance,it is absurd to appoint someone as the Guru Mahasannidhanam and then revoke the title.That is ridiculing the entire lineage of pontiffs of Madurai Aadheenam.

in 23 November 2020,the 232nd Pontiff of Thondaimandala Aadheenam expressed his last wish to have the SPH as the successor pontiff.

Image : The secretary of the 232nd Pontiff of Thondaimandala Guru Mahasannidhanam ( who heard and received the last wishes of the pontiff ) was burnt alive.

Kumbha Mela 2013 : When the SPH was coronated as the Mahamandaleshwara

You can see a similar pattern in the persecution of the Dalai Lama and the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam..

The Dalai Lama's persecution has been well recognised globally.And now,the United Nations has recognised the persecution towards the SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam.

The SPH,after founding Kailasa- the only hindu nation,voiced out the persecution faced by Hindus worldwide at the United Nations.

The avataric role of the SPH is now revealing itself akin to dawn that peels over the sky.

No one would have created a nation in an extremely subtle manner as how the SPH did.

It is the duty of every Hindu to preserve and narrate the persecutions and achievements underwent by the SPH and His disciples.

Let us turn away from the trolls and memes for a moment and actually study His movement from scratch.It would take 10 brains to grasp the depth of the Avataric play of the SPH.

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