Monday, 7 October 2019

Shoolini Durga - A Shakti Without Form

Ever heard of Shoolini Devi? This is a formless aspect of Shakti.She resides in the left wing of Lord Sarabeshwara.

Lord Sarabeshwara is a form of Shiva found in Shaivite Puranas, assumed to pacify Lord Narasimha's wrath. Lord Narasimha's fierce manifestation did not subside despite killing demon Hiranyakashipu. This was when Shiva manifested as Sarabeshwara to cool Him down.

This manifestation is described as a thousand-armed,lion-faced half-man,half-animal form with matted hair, a pair of wings and 4 pairs of feet.

The Shaktis to this form is Pratyangira Devi ( who resides in the right wing ) and Shoolini Devi.

Shoolini Devi, despite having attributed with a form in temples, is a deity who is generally regardless as a formless Shakti.

Lord Sarabeshwara
The Pathsala Miracle 

The Devi is invoked in Pathsalas ( Vedic Gurukulas ) for an interesting reason. Foreigners who further their studies in Indian Pathsalas often experience discomfort during their initial stay.

They often fall sick in attempt to adapt to the local diet and water.

Such students were given instant cure through the invocation of Shoolini Devi.By making them lie supine on floor,senior students would sit around the fevered person.

The senior students would hold a handful vibhooti and recite a Vedic hymn dedicated to Shoolini Devi.It would take an approximate 3 minutes of recitation.Upon completion,they would smear the held vibhooti on the person's forehead and his fever would instantly subside.

A rather unknown deity,this formless Shakti deserves a highlight this Navaratri.