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A Goddess for Transgenders ? Exploring Bahuchara Mata

Bahuchara Mata , AghoraKali-amman temple,Rantau,Seremban

Transgenders have always been welcome in the Hindu culture.Transgenders are those who are born with gender dysphoria.

This simply means that their psychological sexual orientation differs from their biological counterpart.To put it in laymen term - it is like a woman being born in a man's body or vice versa.

In the yogic culture,no one is labeled as a pure man or pure woman.There is a percentage of masculinity and femininity within a person.A slightly dominant percentage among the two determines the person's gender.

In fact, Shri Meerabhai,the ardent devotee of Krshna, describes everyone as being feminine,and Krshna ( God ) as the only one masculine.Like a proton,Kishna is the only male who is surrounded by everyone else ( electrons )

Hinduism actually recognises 11 dimensions of gender.

Bahuchara Mata

This is Bahuchara mata - a form of Devi who is worshiped by transgenders as their Ishta Devata ( favourable deity ).Her primary temple is in Becharaji town,Mehsana district of Gujarat.

The history of Bahuchara Mata, according to Her Pratyaga ( glories - மகிமை ) is very interesting.

Bahuchara is the grown up version of Bala Tripurasundari.That is why she is called Toda Mata ( Small Mother ).Therefore,Bala Tripurasundari is also known as Bala Bahuchara ( bala = small )

Bala Tripurasundari
Bahuchara Mata's History

Bahuchara was born in a village called Maruvad.Her mother's name was Deval and Her father's,Bapal Dan Detha.Her father was a Maru Charan ( a clan identity ) 

Once a marauder named Bapiya attempted to molest Bahuchara.She nobly performed ' Tragu', a form of self-immolation by cutting off her breasts.Bapiya was cursed to be impotent.The purity of Bahuchara elevated Her to a divine status ( Enlightenment )

Upon self-immolation,Bahuchara Mata ( who left the body ) was reborn to Yashoda in Dvapara Yuga.Yashoda was Krishna's foster mother.

Krishna and His foster mother - Yashoda

In Mahabaratha,Krshna was born to Devaki but was exchanged with the daughter of Yashoda to save Him from the evil Kamsa.This daughter of Yashoda who is referred as 'yogamaya' is Bahuchara Mata ( who was reborn after self-immolation ) .

So,Bahuchara Mata is also seen as the very sister of Krshna.Legends say that Krishna had His tonsure ( hair removal ceremony ) in Bahuchara temple.

She is also seen as the manifestation of kriya shakti, Iccha Shakti and Gyana shakti.She became Vaak Devata when she blessed Valabh Bhatt Ji with speech.Valabh Bhatt Ji was a medieval king ( early 1700s ) and a poet who composed literature in praise of Bahuchara Mata.

She manifested as Durga when she killed Dandasura in Detroj ( a village in Gujarat ).

Video : Anand no Garbho, a famous composition of Valabh Bhatt which is sung even today for Bahuchara Mata

The first temple built for Bahuchara Mata in Gujarat.
The Gaekwad ruler,Sultan Alauddin Kiliji Shah II lost his troop to Bahuchara Mata.He then built a temple for her.This is the reason why the dome for this temple is similar to that of a mosque ! This temple still stands as the prime pilgrimage centre for Her devotees.

Krshna becoming Bahuchara Mata

The above vigraha ( energised idol ) was originally Krshna.Valabh Bhatt, the poet initially prayed to Krishna for speech, as he was mute.The Krshna vigraha transformed into a goddess seated on rooster - Bahuchara Devi , and he was blessed with vaak ( power of speech )

It is no doubt that Bahuchara Herself is the yogamaya of Krshna - the Shakti of Krishna.

 The Horse Rider - A transman

You can notice a horseman in the background of the picture above.He is Tejpal - a transman.

To put a long story short, Tejpal was born as a girl to a royal family and was brought up as a boy due to royal issues.Her identity leaked upon marriage and she fled on her horse as a troop of soldiers chased her.

Tejpal eventually reached a river where a trident of Bahuchara was encrypted on a stone in red.She realised that the river had the power to change one's physical gender when she witnessed a bitch (female dog ) turn dog upon jumping into the river.

Chanting Bahuchara's name, Tejpal plunged and got herself turned into a man - physically.Tejpal went back to his kingdom and ruled it.

Tejpal in Bahuchara Temple

Yantra for Bahuchara Mata

Yantra for Bala Tripurasundari
As we can see above,the yantra for Bahuchara is actually the same as Bala Tripurasundari.

There is a lot more to Bahuchara Mata.This article is just presenting a gist, highlighting some important components.

Importantly, we should understand that our culture has never discarded transgenders.

Bahuchara Mata is worshiped by straight people as well.For instance,couples who cannot conceive due to infertility or subfertility pray to Her.Like any other expressions of Shakti,Bahuchara Mata is a mother to the universe.

Please do not mistaken Mata as a deity who is only worshiped by trans-people.

Jai Bahuchara Mata


  1. I never knew this much story behind jegan mata.. omg..

  2. MAHESHWARY SOLAI8 February 2019 at 20:50

    I go to Mata temple every year tiruvila.very nice time i have

  3. I am transgender (MtF). I have been what is called in the West a neopagan for nearly 30 years, and worshipped a particular goddess for much of that time. I recently discovered that she is none other than Tripurasundari. I knew her under another name.

    I don't know how important to this relationship it is that I am transgender. I only know that I belong to Her completely, and that if not for Her I would never have known that I was transgender. She showed me.

    Shakti Bhakti is my life. Jai Ma.

    1. You became a transgender because of your dominant inner shakti.

      Hold on to Mata and she will guide you

  4. I was never referenced in any of this information when most was written by me on Facebook... That's hmmm...