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A message to Ayya Devotees.

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   Somehow something deep within has inspired me to write this article with the hope that this will reach the public vastly and that Ayya devotees would appreciate it sincerely.I have been sharing this idea of mine with Ayya personally for a real long time.. and this has finally taken the form of an article that I believe would reach myriads of devotees.

  This article is indeed about initiating a powerful storm that would bring Ayya worship to a different level altogether.With the blessings of Ayya and his children, let us hope this idea finds its way in a powerful way.

   The idea is to basically implement the recital of Sri Rudram as a norm in Ayya temples or worship.

 What is Sri Rudram ? 

  To put it briefly,Sri Rudram is a very powerful vedic chant ( from Krishna Yajur Veda ) which describes and offers salutations to Rudra.Vedic chants like Rudram are not created or made by someone.Vibrations in the cosmos are heard by Rishis during meditation.They then transmit these sound vibrations and this is how vedic chants are compiled.

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 The mantras you hear in temples are examples of vedic chants.In the case of Sri Rudram,the Rishi is Agni Himself.In puranas,it is said that the Rudram was chanted as a homam when Lord Shiva was doing the Rudra Tandava dance.The mantras ' Om Namah Sivaya' and ' Tryambakam Yajamahe..'  themselves comes from the Sri Rudram.

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   At present, the Sri Rudram is getting very famous and people around the globe are taking great initiatives in learning it, mainly upon Baghwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's emphasis on learning it.Baba emphasised that everyone should chant vedam especially the Sri Rudram.And there is a great reason and signifance to it as well.

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  If you look at the right hand side of this webpage,you will find a post on ' learn sri rudram and chamakam'.This post has exemplified on the greater in depths of Sri Rudram , including the tutorial materials you can use to learn Sri Rudram.

   Personally, I only got in touch with Ayya through the chanting of Sri Rudram.My experience is also briefly articled here :


   Somehow I deeply felt that the Sri Rudram should reach Ayya devotees , simply because it matches Ayya very appropriately.Be it Muniswaran,Madurai Veeran or Karuppar - all are closely associated with Rudra.Again to emphasise , the chanting of Sri Rudram will definitely bring Ayya worship and grandeur to a different level.

 You will understand once you experience it.

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   Personally , I have made it a norm to chant the Sri Rudram in Ayya temples and the experiences are amazing.

   I call out to all Ayya devotees to take this as a service to Ayya by learning the Sri Rudram and reciting it.I am sure this will please Him beyond expressions.Please comment below if you are willing to take the initiative to fulfil this noble idea.

  I take this as my service to my beloved Ayya - to have his devotees fill the air with the vibrations of Sri Rudram.

   All efforts to enable people to learn this Sri Rudram has been made . Please visit : 


Video Above : Youtube tutorial for Sri Rudram

  You can youtube search Rudram and listen to it.If you want to get a glimpse of the impact,try listening to it and meditating on the form of your favourite Ayya. Then proceed to learning and chanting it - to witness the magic.

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 If you initially find it hard to learn the Sri Rudram,do not give up.Ask Ayya to guide you.Listen to it while meditating and soon enough it will be wired in your system.Then learning will be easier.

Youtube videos of Rudram chanting in Ayya temples :

   Your life will be definitely transformed.This article is  inclusive for everyone and not just Ayya devotees as well.The Sri Rudram learning should be encouraged by everyone - at this present age - where it is very much needed in our planet.

   For further enquiries , doubts or help - email to 


or simply comment below.

Ayya thunai

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